Stubby tube light alternative to Nitecore EA4?

It’s a definite nod to the EA4 in the style department but that’s about it. The battery used and the 150m throw say…“not so much.” :slight_smile:

But if you’re looking for a cheap knockoff… It would prolly fit the bill.

This is a 18650/26650 flashlight, not using AAs.

Anyway with such working voltage you won't get much from Panasonic NCRs, Working Voltage 3.6~4.2 V

It looks like an elongated EA4 with 26650 support. Interesting. A single 26650 in the 4200mAh region could last just as long as 4xAA 2000mAh NiMH.
Of course, I really do not expect this to have the right driver (with boost) to maintain full brightness all the way to cell depletion.

I am aware…. Cheaper to make it lithium ion I imagine… But the basic exterior design is the same.

Then I would say you got some contenders in all kind of shapes.

agreed… the trustfire tr-a9 would be another

let me find another

If it took AA like the ea4 it’s a contender.

This may be a good trustfire A8 contender for short 26650 lights. Definitely a sweet find.

For folks who like the EA4 style… But wanna use Lithium ion batteries…

Stubby tube light alternative to ea4 :wink: sounds better worded

I don’t use lanyards, so this light is still a nice find

How’s that ? LOL

That’s the ticket

Nice find. The switch looks odd though. Like it has a silicone cover over it.


From the comparison thread:


OAL 118.65mm 120.85mm

Head Dia 40mm 43mm

Lens Dia 36.6mm 38.9mm

Lens Thickness 2mm 2mm

Large OD 36.4mm 38.9mm
Large ID 32.5mm 33.5mm
OAL 28.5mm 28.5mm
LED hole 8.6mm 8.85mm

So this one is Dimensions: 5.00 in x 1.57 in x 5.00 in (12.7 cm x 4.0 cm x 12.7 cm)
Just a little longer, but not much and about the same diameter. Looks like an EA4 clone to me, but for Li-ions. Good find, now it needs to be torn down and inspected, followed by modding it to it's full potential.

No, not me, I'm broke for the next few months, one of you guys need to get it and mod it.Tongue Out


To me I think it's more of a black Rook that runs on a single 26650 which is what the Rook should have run in the first place. I do see a resemblance to the EA4 though.