Stuff for experimenting

I would like to experiment with combinations of various lenses, reflectors, leds (cri/temp) etc.

So I’m looking for some stuff to do that with.
26500, 21700, 18650, 14500, are all fine and great.
Just want something I can play with without soldering (I can solder a wire but not a led)
I’m thinking about buying a bunch of leds, lenses and stuff and then just combine it to what I like most.
I don’t care about build quality, brightness, driver efficiency and options, at this point.

I’m looking for a cheap Chinese shop that sells a lot of that sort of stuff.
Like I said I don’t really care about the size of the cells, but I guess larger ones a allow for more experiments. For example a quad leds will be easy in a 26500 host but very hard in a 14500 host.
I like ultra floody or mule, so most of my experiments will be geared toward such a light.

As an absolute beginner, I might have not asked all the relevant questions. If so, p;lease lemme know :flashlight:

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A good start might be the Convoy Flashlight Store, which has many parts that are compatible with each other. Most LEDs are available pre-soldered to a MCPCB as well.

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@SammysHP can only find 3 leds at that store, but I may have found a good store.

KDLITKER C21 21700 FLASHLIGHT HOST (the OP version)

Do I need extra items?
Are those components compatible?

  • Is the driver voltage suitable for the Nichia led?
  • Is the host suitable for a driver with a spring?

I know the driver is overkill for that led, but if all goes well I may try triple or quad Nichia or other brands of more power hungry leds.

They are listed in a different category: LED - Shop Cheap LED from China LED Suppliers at Convoy flashlight Store on

The driver provides to much current for the single LED. For multiple LEDs you will need a TIR optic or special reflector, probably hard to find for that host.

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