STUPID best headlight post???

Anybody thinks so?

“It’s got an IPX water resistance rating of 4.”

Great. Give that headlight and that website a medal please.


too much wow

Wow its made in murica :wink:

I’ve spent enough time in the mountains and in caving to appreciate what they’re measuring here.
For those purposes, I don’t know what would be better.

There are much brighter headlamps out there good for other purposes.
I see they’re getting appropriate criticism in comments at the Wirecutter page. leaving it there.

Everything linked to Amazon with ref code, no wonder :smiley:

I actually own one these, I scooped it up for $15 new so it was a killer deal.I do like it and use it from time to time. Retail price purchase, definitely not.

Based on that I would definitely not trust their opinion on anything. Just another marketing click my link article for a mediocre product at a higher than you can get elsewhere price. And it could be considered a poor product if you are willing to get into lithium headlamps, especially if you want long running and high output, as many have moonlight modes and a low mode that outdoes those specs.

I can’t say I like this thread title much. As to the subject in hand what do you guys recommend as a budget head torch? I have the energizer version that was not particularly liked in the article as it was on sale and for the most part I only use it for camping and such like. So far it has done the job required of it but maybe I should be thinking of an upgrade seeing as all my other lights are now up to BLF standard.

Of course, you guys are entitled to your opinion about my thread/post but I still think that this is a misleading article. Saying that 130 lumens is all people’s gonna need in most situations is a gross mistatement/patent lie.

Now this one is a much better one!

I like how he claims he is pretty much qualified to give his expert opinion on headlamps because he doesn’t even own a flashlight…… :bigsmile:

I came across this thread again while looking at the recent items in page 4…
Huge censorship going on there. I do not approve of this way of ‘doing business’……

I don't know about "STUPID best headlamp" but I do know the "best STUPID headlamp"...