Submersible Fish Attracting Lights

Hey guys … im looking to get some kind of submersible Fish attracting lights for fishing off piers and wharfs etc at night.

The main colours used in fishing lights are White, Green & Blue, an option for each would be nice. Tube style lights (like a flourescent) seem to be the best for this application as they can provide 360 degree radius of light. But im open to other suggestions and i think a 180 radius would be enough. It also needs to be battery powered (preferrably Li-ion, 18650 or 26650’s) and id like at least an hours run-time before needing to change batteries

And of course, most importantly it needs to be 100% waterproof upto 2-3M depth (it will probably only ever sit about a foot under the water surface)

I found some specialty made fishing lights that start at US$96 for a 1200 lumen green light … and go upto US$198 for a 4800 lumen green light, but being a true BLFer who already owns a stack of Li-Ion batt’s, im hoping to buy or easily build each light for less than $50 if possible???


not exactly what your looking for, but what came to mind for the most 360 output


there is a special driver for this. use it with a wand attachment i guess

I would recommend a cheap host, a colored led with fitting driver to switch the white stock, a diffuser tip and a ziplock bag.
That would be the cheapest way.
Hd2011 or a p60 host come to my mind.
You could also use colored foil/lens on the above equipment so you only need one light.

I guess it should be really bright, so that the glow sticks or key lights are suboptimal.

I use the AquaStar Combo II as seen on

12 volts , but a small sealed lead acid battery will get you 5-6 hours of bright light .

Thats exactly what i was looking at … simple question for ya - are they worth the money?

I think so . It is a very bright light . A few times I have seen a bait ball swirling around the light complete with predator action ! I think it wakes 'em up . I usually don't use the green sleeve on the light , I think it's brighter that way although it seems to work well either way . If you suspend the light about a foot below the surface , the light reflects off of the top and creates a 10 foot sphere of light .

Look around the site at all of the mods people have done with these lights . They work .

The company is great to deal with as well . I broke the original globe on mine by stupidly moving the boat while the dern thing was still in the water . It slapped the hull a few times and ...

I called the company and told them what I did and they sent me a new globe for free !

And here is some crappie porn .