Such a great forum

Hi there, I am fairly new here but am enjoying it immensely - though I am a complete novice!
I’d just like to say what a great forum this is, and what helpful and kind members it has.
I have found so much information out browsing around here every day and seem to have a little bit of a ‘problem’ with flashlights now according to my wife. :wink:
My first real attempt at a little mod went a bit pear shaped and my new toy was alas broken, but with the help and tips from your members - some in the forum and some via pm’s I have managed to not only managed to get it working (kind of) but one extremely kind member even sent me a free replacement board and paid the postage! (I did offer to pay btw lol) What can I say? what a fantastic guy!
Thanks so much to Hopback , and all the other forum members! You guys go above and beyond the call of duty!
I look forward to more breaking, sorry modding in the future! :slight_smile:


You don't have a "problem" that I see :) . Glad you enjoy it here! I always feel at home here myself. Lots of great people here!