Sugar powered batteries?!!!

I wonder when can I get my 34,000mah 18650’s ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote from the article:
“This breakthrough sugar-powered biobattery can achieve an energy-storage density of about 596 ampere-hours per kilogram (A-h/kg) — an order of magnitude higher than the 42 A-h/kg energy density of a typical lithium-ion battery. A sugar biobattery with such a high energy density could last at least ten times longer than existing lithium-ion batteries of the same weight.”


I like my EDC to be lightweight, think I’ll wait for the splenda batteries. :bigsmile:


Yeah that would certainly sweeten the deal :smiley:

personally I don’t belive it, think they are just sugar coating it

why are ants going into my flashlight?
leaking battery!

So sweet :smiley:

most important questions, can it be recharged :bigsmile: and will it blend :stuck_out_tongue:

less important is will we starve half the humans on earth in order to sell these batteries (divert food to fuel)

Who cares? We got 7+ billion of them… who’s gonna miss a few billion? We needs better batteries… J)

i did say less important :wink:

Soylent Green is PEOPLE! :stuck_out_tongue:

were they fattened up first for flavour?

time to market the water and sugar tight spare battery carrier!
next review?
the budget sugar test.12 dollar store brands tested with graphs!

Sugar powered? You mean, Like these ultraFIRE? This is old technology :bigsmile:

They’ve been doing this for years! ha ha


Sorry, couldn’t resist :bigsmile:

so thats what the whateverfire mystery powder is!
sneaky chinese testing new tech on us without telling.

Careful, it’s only sugar when the cell is new. After it’s been used, it turns into soda ash!