Suggest a good 2 X AA EDC

Hi friends
Looking for a good edc run by 2 AA cells . It should be -

- Good make ( should go for years )

- Few modes ( 2 /3 ) , lowest should be about 8 lumens

- Should run for very long on the lowest mode

- Least standby drain

- can throw nearly 50 mt +

- not tiny beam thrower ( wide beam )

- must go for years without any maintaince

  • budget is as cheap as possible

Regards .

hmmmm… Some suggestions

This one, has magnetic control for the mode change (4 mode)… and is 27$. Some reviews say it is good. I want to but it…

This is 33$, Fenix one (3 mode, but LOW not very LOW)

This one, reviewed here Review: Bronte RA20 is more expensive 36$ (4 mode)

I am trying to find more. If I find more I will update

Doesn’t have the low low, but the Maglite Pro Plus looks pretty good to me.

I’m also quite a fan of Klarus lights and EagleTac lights. So I’d say look at a Klarus ST20 or an EalgeTac D25A2 clicky.

The low mode of the maglite pro plus is not 60 lumen?? I am wrong?

ThruNite Neutron 2A is nice, and on sale now.

Shiningbeam Spark has a 7 lumen low and so does the Caveman T5. The Caveman T6 has an 8 Lumen low but is $7 more expensive than the T5. (don't forget the BLFuser coupon)
The Spark has one annoying strobe mode and the caveman has probably the better throw anyway. Machining is said to be superb on SB-lights.

Some older threads you might like here and here.

Caveman review.

The Ultrafire C3 fits your bill nicely and its budget unlike the other proposals.
You can buy it in the 2AA configuration or in 1AA configuration and buy a extension tube later.
It comes in 1 mode or in more modes versions.
Here are just a few suggestions:

This is one of the few times I agree with Kreisler. Mine has been to hell and back, it is impossible to break.

Klarus P2A is worth mentioning too, but the low mode is 20 lumens.

Thank you for your replies .

But please mention about the lowest mode and runtime also . I need something that would go for very long without changing cells and must be hardy enough to be used for years without any maintainace .
Thanks .

I wouldn't recommend the C3 (at least not the aluminum model) as mine has been problematic. It has issues with making a good contact that makes it more un-reliable. I've worked on mine and it's been a much better light since then, but it just never has impressed me much.

What sort of runtime are you after? The trouble with quoting times is you’ll get different runtimes with different batteries (NiMH, Lithium, alkaline) and for each of those you can get differing capacities.

Also are you wanting a regulated light or direct drive? As this can have an impact on runtimes.

Runtime should be nearly 40 + hrs in low mode ( ~ 8 lm ) by using 2000 mAh eneloops .

I was going to post this same thing. Lots of people seem to have contact issues, including myself.


ThruNite Neutron 2A is a decent light, good modes(loose head(memory): moon, low, med, hi, SOS/tight head(no memory): turbo, strobe) . Although it is sort of larger due to the interchangeable parts with the rest of the series.
Manufacturer listed output and runtimes

I recently purchased a few 4sevens quark x aa2’s from goinggear as well as a couple quark turbo aa2’s….They are my new favorite lights. The turbo and quark x tactical have programmable modes, and the normal quark x has a multitude of modes to choose from.

These are now my go-to lights and some of my favorite lights I have handled. If you can find them for the sale prices, they are the best 2xAA lights (plus 10 year warranties)

I personally wouldn’t recommend any **fire brands lights. Go directly for good brands if you wanna have less problems in the future. For already mentioned lights, add Crelant V21A or Balder SE-1 with extension tube.
Don’t forget about promos, there are really nice offers for high quality lights like Nitecore, four sevens, Thrunite, etc.

One of the OP´s demands were: - budget is as cheap as possible !!!

I’ve also got a Quark Turbo on goinggear’s clearance sale. Excellent light that would fill your specs. The Caveman is probably what I’d go with as it is close to the Quark, but not as expensive.

Klarus ST20 is a great light with a moonlight low and also a regular low.

The Caveman is wider and heavier and is also a great 2 x AA light. If weight is a factor, I'd take the ST20.

IF ruggedness is the main factor, I'd take the Caveman.

How would be fenix e25 for this ? Is it better or siimilar to the suggested kalurs models that seems attractive ?