Suggestions for 3 x Nichia 219 build?

I’ve built a few flashlights but am still a beginner so I need to ask a few questions about building a light using this triple Nichia piece:

First of all, will this be able to run on a single 18650 cell by running the LEDs in parallel? I have Samsung 25R cells I can use.

If yes to the above question, would a Q-Lite driver with added chips to run at about 4.4A do the job?

If I build this light I intend to use it for photography and would prefer to make a zoomie as I want to be able to adjust between wide to mid range flood beam (throw is of little use in this case). First of all, are there zoom lights/hosts that can take a 20mm MCPCB? How would the wide to mid range beam look like with a 3 X LED configuration? Is it such a bad idea to use a zoom host for this that I should look for a non-zoom host? If so I need a lot of flood with no distinct hotspot because, as mentioned, throw is of little interest.

How is the heat of 3 x Nichia LEDs running at 1500mA each compaired to 1 x XM-L2 running at 4500mA?

Any suggestions on suitable hosts for the above are welcome.

Hi Mike C.

It will be able to run on one 18650, but not for long under regulation. The 219's have a higher Vf that 1S Li-ion's can only meet for a short time. I have an Skyray King with 4 of those emitters and 4 18650's and it doesn't run long on high before noticeably starting to dim.

If you don't need much light (lower current), you will be able to run longer. If you need a lot of light, I would suggest going 2S cells and a buck driver.

Is it me, or is it really a little unclear with the 219B ?
Some say higher Vf, some say lower Vf compared to a Cree equivalent.

Damn… I ordered 5 from KD, but I fear it’s the C1 bin… |(

It will run it and the Qlite will be great, battery time will be a little less, so keep some spare batteries handy.

As for the Zooming part that wouldn’t be what this triple is for as far as I know. For that you would want a single emitter. But the thing with the triple is that you get an excellent tint and a nice even flood with no ring patterns. The beam with be uniformly bright with a very natural color although it can tend toward the “rosy” in pictures.

If you are looking for a zoomie and higher lumens I would really suggest a High CRI neutral tint XM-L2. You will get more lumens out of a single XM-L2 than a triple nichia and better run times as well.

Zoom capabilities are preferable as I like to shift beam width while shooting with long exposure times. It’s the high CRI that interested me but I guess I could make a single Nichia LED light and compare it with the 80+ CRI LEDs and see if there is any noticeable difference.

But I must admit, I am curious to see what the beam of 3 X LED plate would look like in a zoom host. If no one has done it maybe I’ll try just for the sake of finding out :slight_smile:

Nothing ventured nothing gained, right? The worth that will happen is that you will need to buy another host and have two lights. Not such a bad thing to happen anyway.

Can't recall anyone trying a triple with aspheric lens. RaceR86 did one with 2 emitters right next to each other on the base (not spread appart like in a 3T6/SRK). Beam shots are on Post 11 of this thread.

The problem with an aspheric and a triple is that you get 3 separate beams … one for each emitter. And all of them are off-center. The images of the die in spot mode don’t combine into one.

However, the original poster doesn’t want a true spot mode. Instead he wants an adjustable flood mode. And for that, a zoomie with a triple might be ok. In flood mode, the images will combine and you should get a nice even flood. Even half-way between flood and spot is probably going to be fine.

I’m wondering if a frosted lens might be good for photography. Smooth, and even out the beam.

not only that but they never focus. Multi emitters behind a single aspheric's simply does not work. There have been pic's posted on here before. I believe it had the word "failure" in the title of you want to search. In order for an aspheric to work it has to have the single led centered or it can't focus, a triple doesn't have a center emitter so it just can't work. If your even going to try experimenting at all do yourself a favor and go with a multi-emitter setup that has a central emitter, maybe a 7x (six in a ring one in the center) so atleast that one emitter can focus to provide you with a round spot (but with a bunch of garbage inside it, multiple blurry hot spots).

Your better option would be a standard triple optic in whatever size your host took and for $2-5 each just buy several different pattern optics so to have a choice, they have <10* spot to >90* area beams, also clear, frosted and diffused lens's, even have ones that change the spot into an ellipse. It's not quite as fast but unscrew bezel, swap lens, screw bezel back on; I realize your wanting to "zoom" it during a long exposure and that's not going to happen swapping TIR's but atleast it will still be a versatile light.

It might still be ok for him. If you look at the original post he doesn’t actually want it to focus for throw. What he wants is an even floodlight with some ability to adjust the width of the flood. For this an aspheric might work as long as the lens isn’t extended too far towards spot mode.

The beam shots with the two LEDs is interesting. For throw I couldn’t care less if there are three beams, and the flood looks ok with those two LEDs. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly spread flood as I’ll be “painting” with this light. To me it looks like it’s worth a shot. I’ve created a new thread for host suggestions.

For painting, you may end up actually wanting some hot spot in the beam pattern. My wife did some painting for a class and the floody lights just make uniformly light up scences. The hot spot photos had more variation (but not as much as you would expect) which made the photos more interesting.

No, I don’t like hot spots for the type of photos I aim to use this light for, uniformly lit is preferred. The photo below is the kind of shot I’ll be taking, but also in larger areas (adjustable flood useful). In this photo I stood in four places painting on full flood. I have a different light for hot sport painting.

Nice exposure Mike C.
Do you have a website where I could see more of your photos?

Thanks. I have a flikr account where some of the photos are lit with flashlights here (Akrylamid’s albums | Flickr), the rest are maybe not so interesting out of a flashlight perspective. I haven’t updated it in a long time though. I have a big pile of photos from some abandoned mines waiting for me to process, but I’d rather be out taking new ones than sitting in front of a PC editing… The pile is growing… :slight_smile:

That picture is awesome. Very cool. She was taking pictures outside with distant objects, which is a very different situation they what you're working in.