Suggestions for Trustfire TR-J18 mod

Hi guys n gals

I have a spare TR-J18 host with which I want to do something special. I already have modified Trustfire 9x XML2, so I'm not leaning towards a well driven 7x XML2 light. Instead, I want to see if I can make it more throwy, but still with an impressive amount of light. I'm therefore leaning towards 7x XPE2, or 7x XPG2, obviously on sinkpads/noctigons and well driven.

Any recommendations, links, or other suggestions?

Thank you very much! :)

You could try the new XP-E 'Torch' led, they dedome well and have a fairly good tint afterwards. At about 2A per led they perform best. Expect just about 2100 lumen in total out the front, but the throw should be improved drastically. Make sure you center and focus them well, small dies are critical in a reflector, perhaps the XPG->XML centering rings from Fasttech are a good fit in your reflector.

btw, member Mitko probably still has XP-E2 R3 1D0 for sale, that is a cheap option, just a little less output than the 'Torch' but a better tint.