SunLikeLamp's OPEN Base of PCBs for 3030 2835 5050 3535 3030 2525 LEDs

It is low temperature 138°(so, you need only 145-150°) and it is not so toxic like with lead (I hope)

Its disadvantages:

- It’s not as soft as lead. I hope that this is not a problem, because it is designed for LEDs and I slowly cool the finished boards.

  • It is also poorly stored. But I believe that I found a solution in using a refrigerator, glass syringes, and oxygen scavenger bags (for can, not for syringes)

Maybe it would be possible to make a more efficient and higher cri LT1 with a similar board

you mean Sofirn BLF LT1 ? мощный и яркий кемпинговый фонарь с 4 аккумуляторами 18650 (powerful and bright camping lantern with 4 18650 batteries)

Yep, it currently uses 8 LH351Ds, 4 of each colour, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble to swap them for something SUNLIKE.

More emitters= higher efficiency/less heat and softer, more diffuse light and less glare

This thing *BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

I’m sure several people would buy a replacement mcpcb with sunlike emitters on it that could be swapped it for higher performance.

It would need to be a 2 channel board, one for warmer LEDs and one for cooler ones.

The emitters will be given about 3V

It need to be changes to 3v sunlikes, so only 2835 SOL leds. I think ~16pcs or 12+12

Is there anything a little cooler and a little warmer? One channel of around 5000K and one channel around 2000K.

What cct emitters does sunlike have?

More emitters would help remove this pattern in the LT1 and make it more pleasant to use.

12+12 sounds awesome but how much would it cost?

Each channel should be able to handle 2.5A divided by 12 emitters = Each LED needs to be able to take at least 200+ mA

SOL2835 3v I have all of them in stock: 2700, 3000, 3200, 4000, 5000, 5600k

Sorry, I am editing my previous posts. Do you have the data sheet for them so we can see how much power they consume and other characteristics?

Edit: I found this link to your website saying 0.15A so ideally if we could get something like 16-18 of each emitter?

0.3$ per 1 pcs

Do you have data or a datasheet of output and voltage/amperage?


SOL2835 0.5W (I think that it is 0.4w or lower in real)


Do you have the specific bin of your 2700K and 5000K emitters?

I’m not too knowledgeable regarding the tints but I understand these are a tad bit green but tint mixing would definitely help with that. Could someone more knowledgeable than me pass some judgement?

How do you feel about arranging a group buy for a LT1 replacement emitter mcpcb board? 2700K and 5000K emitters. Maybe 12*2700k and 12*5000K or even 16*2700k+12*5000k since the 5000k are naturally brighter.

We would be able to figure out how many we can put on once we get into the board designing phase.

If this comes to fruition, we’ll have a list of people interested, likely you (since you are experienced ) would design, test, and assemble the boards, and then we would buy them from your shop and install it into our LT1s.

about bin I do not know =(

But in TRI-T (3-R) technology (violet crystals) brightest of all CCTs almost the same, so quantity must be 12+12 or 16+16 or etc

But with mixing I have many results with spectrums in my telegram
like this:
(Sorry for PPFD, but in PG200N fast results only with it, I will try to cut images some later)
mixing SOL COB in SunLike13SS+ and 14SS (2200-2800-4000-4700-5900k)

my video review (RU)





5600k (in this batch not so good spectrum as in the previous )


SunLikeSMART12 3000———5000k SunLike SAW 3030 6v

Reviews by Maukka:
SunLike Smart LED Bulb Zigbee
SunLike Smart LED Bulb Flicker
Sunlike Smart LED Bulb flicker DATA

my video review (RU)

This looks very promising.

1. What do you estimate the final price of an assembled 16+16 2700k/5000k board you want to charge is? We should be able to get at least 50 orders if the price is reasonable. 100+ orders shouldn’t be hard if the price is really good.

2. Is something even warmer like 2000k available?

3. Since it’s just a flat board, is cheaper shipping available? Every dollar counts since the lantern itself was not that expensive. Ultimately this isn’t too much of a problem because shipping here in Canada is cheap. I can even just get a big box of them and send them out for a few dollars a package.

1. What is size of pcb?
I think it will be cost ~0.75-1$ per 1pcs if ordering 100-150pcs with all my specifications (I mean 2mm 2oz 2w lead free ultra white mask)

I will take 1.5$ for soldering, you can check it here
But yes, it is with my leds with my retail price

2. No, smd 2000 1800 2250k is not possible. I placed special order to SmartEcoLighting to 2000(1000)pcs 6w 2250k COB leds. Also duv will be too negative (you can find it in the result of mixing 2250k+5600k)
So, best choice will be 2700+5000k or 3000+5000k or 3200+5000k or +4000k
Oh… to much options… But I can solder all of them :money_mouth_face:

3. Shipping from Belarus by tracking small packets same cheap like from China
4$ for 60g
BelPost calculator here

Could you make a few prototypes before the production version is finalized so we can observe and the difference this board would make?

“I’ve started an interest gathering thread here”: Project: SUNLIKE LT1 board (Option for 660nm Red)

2250K definitely not possible then? Tint mixing shouldn’t be a problem because it can be mixed with something warmer like 4000k

If not 2250K, would anything lower warmer than 2700K be possible?

No, only 2700k. You can get ~2600k by using poorly transparent diffuser

If you worry about blue, so

p.s. for prototyping I need to know sizes

The Bedtime Bulb had issues. Second, I don’t feel the spectrum of that lamp is really world leading, or something that’s really worthy of an international standard. The overlay of of an incandescent lamp in figure 3 shows the Sunlike as being on par to slightly worse in terms of blue. I want better then stock incandescent. I also want warm light that looks like a flame or a dimmed incandescent. 2700K dimmed is not warm enough for me.

so, only 2250k with 35v COB LED :smiley:

About prototyping PCB for BLF LT1 only here — Project: SUNLIKE LT1 board (Option for 660nm Red)