Sunwaymam V11R - Good price - YMMV

Did nor post this deal right away, as I was not sure if the seller is legit.
Seller had them listed for $59.99 with “Make an offer” option.
I offered $49.99 , but it was declined and the seller counter-offered for $48.00 ?!
Anyway, received the light - everything is ok ,XM-L2 , BNIB .
The seller has raised the price to $69.99 , but still has the “Make an offer” option.
I see the last couple of sales went for $59.99 , but it may still be a good idea to try for the lower price.YMMV .

I am not associated with this seller in any way , and this is my first purchase from them

Hmmm. $45, $48, and $50 offers declined. No counter. Yet?

I saw the XM-L2 version on Amazon Prime a couple months ago for $46.99 I think, but it’s gone now. I should’ve snapped it up when I had the chance.

Actually he said he offered to pay $49.99 … but the seller countered asking for $48.

He also said he received the light so I assume he successfully received it at the $48 price.

A brilliant sales strategy. Its pure jeanyus

I was unclear. I offered those amounts and was declined each time. Make An Offer only gives you 3 tries, so I’m done.

Just an FYI if someone wanted to make offers……start at $51 :slight_smile:

i got one a few days ago from hk equipment for around $76

might seem steep compared to this deal but i got the AA extender, and XML2-T6 neutral

Maybe devega should have countered it with $50.01 and jeanyus would have raised it to $47.00

I wonder if the seller meant to counter at $58, fat-fingered the wrong number and had to stand by the wrong number in order not to get in trouble with e-bay…

That makes sense. :_(

Not a bad deal as the extender goes for at least $15 .

Fat fingers on tiny keys are the worse. Probably counter offered on his phone, lol.

I had also received an amazing deal back last year on two Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition's seller was asking $499 and had 20 available, and also had "Best Offer". So I submitted an offer on 2, but accidentally put $100 in the price box instead of $400, (up late and I was holding my son trying to calm him to sleep). Well, I get a quick counter back from the seller for 2 at $200 each. Wow! I accepted immediately. I then proceeded to offer him another offer for all 18 he had left at $200 each. He quickly declined my offer, and in the message box said "Sorry, you just got the best deal ever, blame my fat fingers, will ship tomorrow, $475 if you want more!" So ya it happens, but rarely!

I figure a mistake in my favor is just compensation for the 999/1000 mistakes that aren’t in my favor :wink:

Reminds me of the M*A*S*H episode that goes like this:

Cho: [Frank and Hot Lips want a wooden bust of Colonel Potter carved] Hmm. Lotsa work. Two assistants. Electric light at night. Overtime. Hmm. Six bucks.
Maj. Frank Burns: [unsure] Well…
Maj. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan: Frank, These people have no espect-ray unless you aggle-hay over the ice-pray.
Maj. Frank Burns: Five dollars.
Cho: Seven-fifty.
Maj. Frank Burns: Sold!
Maj. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan: [glares at Frank] Umb-day!

too funny, cracking up here….