Sunwayman M30A 240 Lumen Cree R2

Thinking about buying this one. But I don't see any info on the throw. Does anyone have this light or know how well it will throw?

Here's a few pictures.

Here's some info.

The Sunwayman M30A 240 Lumen LED Flashlightis a high end magnetic variable output light made for great performance! A good and practical choice for every day use, this mid sized flashlight uses only 3 AA batteries to achieve a 240 lumen output! Ergonomic feel, large lens and long beam, the M30A is a great flashlight for home, car, and outdoor use.

Sunwayman M30A 240 Lumen LED Flashlight Specifications:

  • CREE R2 LED, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
  • Three modes constant output, one strobe mode
  • Three modes constant output:240 Lumens (1.8 hrs)- 80 Lumens (8 hrs)- 7 Lumens (100 hrs)
  • Strobe mode:240 Lumens (2.5 hrs)
  • Digital Sensor Magnetic Control system, slightly twist the Rotator Ring to select from different modes
  • Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness
  • Effective range of 200 meters
  • Using 3 x 1.5V AA(Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium) batteries
  • Working voltage:2.7~6V
  • Reflector of good quality maintains both great throw distance and spread, perfect beam pattern
  • Dimension:128mm (length) x 53mm (head diameter) x 36mm (body diameter)
  • Weight:207g battery excluded
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
  • Military Specification Type III hard anodized
  • Waterproof accords with IPX-8 standard
  • Ultra-clear toughened glass lens resists scratches and impacts
  • Tail stand and can be used as a candle
  • Accessories: lanyard, O-ring

  • I can get this light for $53.05 shipped from here typing in sunwayman10 in the coupon box and getting free shipping.

    They are like A $100 on ebay.

    Here's an example from ebay. And this one below is the cheapest listed.

    I think I need to buy it. What do you guys think? I like it.

Go for it there are not that many 3 *AA lights out there.

This is a good light. Your light collection seems to be all XM-L.

If you swap out the emitter and driver, would the magnetic switch ring still work?

Can the switch ring be operated one-handed?

Would a 26650 battery fit (I bet it would)?

Do you think this would be better choice?

I'd like another good thrower for the money. But the Sunwayman would run off of AA's. But I really don't want to spend $100 on the TK41.

what about the 4AA xml version. Under $100 after discount.

Yea but I don't want to spend a $100.

i don't think the r2 version will Satisfy you.

After watching Goingear reeeview, it didn’t really impress me at all.

How does it throw?

i don't think the r2 version will Satisfy you.


It will probably throw about like a Uniquefire HS-802. The Sunwayman appears to be a little greater in diameter but it also appears (to me) to have an OP reflector.
Unless someone has lux figures for it I think that would be a fair comparison. I kind of like the looks however…relatively smooth bezel and fatter body rather than long and skinny.
OP reflector (it looks like) would take care of the Cree ring and maybe make it useful on low and medium settings as well.

Yea I think I would much rather have the TK50.

ILIKE: Are you crazy man? You are thinking of buying that light but you won't buy a TK41 because it uses AA batteries? Am I missing something. With your thirst for throw this light will disappoint you. Check out the Jetbeam PA40 if you don't want a TK41. Take a deep breath my friend. Breath in. Exhale. Breath in. Exhale.

Your chiming into my curio fund remember. LOL!

I don't seem to recall you complaining about your curio fund with the last few lights you ordered. Check your email. I sent you something real funny.

Have you got the Olight batons already? 3xAA and 6xAA XML lights seems very good. I could get one if they were on a discount again on DD.