Sunwayman T20CS (new)

New light from SWM.





Could use some more info before making a decision (to buy, or not to buy, that is the question), but certainly looks promising.

Ya, that is a great looking light. Some beamshots....

The T20CS with the TK15 Head :

Readings from a Chinese flashaholic










CR123A are Pansonics and the 18650 is a Sanyo 2600.

Parasitic drain, 9.6UA

I believe this is just like my T20CS MKII HO XM-L from Eagletac. There is no Turbo on 18650 only on 2xCr123A. And the readings are almost the same with my Eagletac. 2A with 2xCR123A, 1.2 with a 18650 battery. turbo on 18650. Shucks...

Turbo Mode (2*CR123A batteries): 658 Lumens (68min)
Three constant output modes (1*18650 battery): 476Lumens (2.5hrs) - 92Lumens (11hrs) - 18Lumens (82hrs)

Match tested the XM-L to give 686.2 lumens at 2A.

The Sunwayman says 658 lumens on U2 bin, ANSI FL1

Generally people buying lights from big companies don't bother taking current readings and accept whatever is given to them.

My opininon is that once you know the theoretical corresponding lumen for currents, measure the percentage loss through the lens (can be from 0.5% to 15% depending on the lens, a luxmeter can be used to check) and think of the driver current conversion losses, then you can have a fairly correct lumen approximation and not go by ANSI just becasue it is written on the box.

Let's say if we add 1% cut from the lens and 5% driver inefficiency, then we get 697 lumen at the emitter. So 658 seems pretty accurate just by theorizing.

They could not have made it as constant on 18650 than they can with 2xCR123A. Plus these light are primary aimed to the US market and tactical situations, so of course primary batteries are important to SWM. If you think of war zones 18650 doesn't seem that useful. You cant wait until a 18650 battery charges and then engage in combat.

Speaking on warzones, we are not allowed to use lights even in buildings. We use 3rd gen NVG. Smile Coz the light kills night adaptation and so you rely on the light 100%, and that is a killer when you are standing-to because people will be shooting at your light. You won't see nothing for the next 10 mins, that is dead meat/sitting duck. Even with the light, unless it is switched on at below 50 lumens, you will develop "tunnel vision", relying totally on the light and left+right averted plus peripheral vision is not useful.

But i guess for the regular infantry the NVGs would be in low supply. I guess some may use IR illuminators as well. (hope that the enemy is lesser equipped so they will not be able to pick this up)

it looks better without side button, IMHO :)

You can't wait, you may have a spare... I'm not sure if US amateures are soo devoted to CR batteries that they'll buy chinese tactical flashlight. I think SWM is more a civilian brand and I think "normal" people (from Europe, Asia, South America, Australia... there's quite a lot customers outside US) would buy most of T20CSs. Would if it haven't over-complicated UI and work properly on reasonable power source like 18650s. And now we still don't have good, fairly small and throwy XM-L flashlight on the market. Shame Sunwayman, this could be your bestseller...

Where is the best price on this light? It looks like exactly what I want. A compact side switch with nice modes and a U2 bin. And I love swm quality!

seemed like an amazing light until the 18650 no turbo part..what a dumb concept lol

Wow. The tailcap area screams L2T.

Shame about the no turbo on 18650s. Nanjg driver swap time.

Use 2 16340 to get Turbo.

And 19 min runtime instead of over 1 hour.

Man I want one.

Looks very nice and the "long throw" advertising could be just the icing on the cake, but then I read your comments about no turbo on 18650... what a pity...

But, wait, let me understand please. The driver does not know which battery I'm gonna use in it, how does it choses to let the turbo or not? Just based on voltage? Voltage above let's say 5v and turbo is ok? But if it's all about voltage then also the low battery warning will be wrong for one of the battery combinations, uh? Don't know, but sure this sounds weird...

Are we really sure turbo cannot be choosen with 18650?

Copy and paste from SWM website:

Designed with unique circuit and operation system, the T20CS has this instant access to turbo mode for tactical applications when needed; when under daily use, the turbo mode is well hidden. The light always comes at turbo mode when depress the tail cap switch for momentary-on or constant-on output, which can be conveniently applied to tactical circumstances; The turbo mode will be hidden when use the side switch for High-Mid-Low cycled outputs, which provides extended runtime for daily use.

From what I understand, Turbo should be there any time the tail switch is depressed, or am I missing something?

from what I read in reviews and seen in beamshots it seems like it will do turbo..

also rikr has one and said in another thread while we were discussing it..

"The T20CS does go into turbo using 1-18650 or 2-16340's I just checked both ways."

Thanks Pounder, I was slow at editing...

Where did you saw beamshots?