Sunwayman T60CS or JetBeam RRT3 3xXM-L - Winner - TK75

Hi guys.

I’m genuinely torn up and can’t make a decision :* .

I can get either the Sunwayman T60CS or the Jetbeam RRT3 3xXML for roughly the same price at a really good deal locally. I do like the smaller size of the sunwayman, but the RRT3 is worth more $$.

This is really doing my head in, which one? What do you guys think, which one would you prefer and why? I’m hoping some owners can chime in with some advice.

And no getting both is not an option. :frowning:

What about a JetBeam DDR30. The price is great, and I believe there is a $10 off BLF coupon.

I have read that the battery carrier in the T60CS shorts easily without a cover for the batter charger port. You might want to research that a bit.

I like your store and collection by the way. :wink: I may order from you some time soon.

Thanks, I’d prefer the DDR30 over the RRT, but I can get the RRT in Saigon right now at a very cheap price with no import tax along with 3 redilast batteries, and I hate waiting. :*

Yeah I read about that, and I think Sunwayman were making a cover for it going off another thread, but not sure if it was implemented. I’ll find out when I go back in store.

Personally RRT3 has better build and DDR30 steps down to 1950 after 3/5 mins anyway. Magnetic ring is much better IMO

Sounds good, making me think. My biggest problem with the RRT3 is the beam looks horrible on videos, maybe it’s better in real life? And the size, as I’m moving around a lot and I need to downsize my collection, so small and compact is what I prefer, but yes that magnetic ring control and all the modes is fantastic, I got to play with that briefly when I was there but didn’t really get to shine it anywhere to get a good look at the beam profile, something I’ll look at when I go back.

I would say buy a Fenix TK75 instead if you don’t have one.

Yeah considering the TK75 also, I can get it locally here but it’s expensive at around $300 , and it’s bigger. Would save me having to buy my first dedicated thrower though….Decisions….

Mr Doingoutdoor…

You are not making it the choices easy for us. with your good collections of choices and nice pricing . heh heh…

I am considering between RRT3 and SWM T60CS also…

Personally I prefer the build and compactness of the sunwayman T60CS, but the Jetbeam RRT with it’s magnetic control ring and lots of modes is pretty cool. The sunwayman could have done with a ramping driver, the UI is basically just ramping between 4 modes (holding the button down), but still nice. Then there’s the Fenix TK75 now that I’m considering, more expensive here and cumbersome by comparison but my justification is that is saves me having to buy a dedicated thrower, so maybe cheaper in the long run. hmmmm

Beam comparisons may sway my decision, wether the TK75 can wow me with its throw and wide spill or if the RRT is as hideous as it looks in videos. Then again the compactness vs relative power at 2300lms and build of the Sunwayman is perfect for what I need. It’s cool I can go in store and compare them, but driving across half of Saigon at night during the TET holiday isn’t something I particularly look forward to.

After playing around and examining in hand the TK75, Sunwayman T60CS and Jetbeam RRT 3 XML I decided to go with the TK75, just edging out the Sunwayman.

Here were some of my observations:

RRT 3XML : beam profile is indeed weird and shaped like an Atom, resulting in a super wide spill! It therefore is one super floody light! However between the TK75 and T60CS it was kind of an “in between” light, I was after a monster flashlight in compact form and also in need of a dedicated thrower, which this didn’t offer. One thing I didn’t like about this light was the smooth glossy like finish, it had lots of aggressive knurling which would have been better off with a drier matt finish to accentuate the grippiness of the knurling. It also lacked the lumens of the other 2. It did have the best UI with the magnetic control ring and multiple modes.

Sunwayman T60CS: really nice light, top knotch machining and a nice floody beam profile. And very compact. Wasn’t completely sold on the UI, pressing and holding cycles modes from turbo, high, medium and low in that order. If you’re going to press and hold I would prefer ramping rather than slow mode changing. Still a nice feature, but fell short of the magnetic control ring of the RRT and simple UI of the TK75. The ridging along the body tube is a nice feature and liked the styling, it became neck and neck with the TK75.

TK75: Combination of a comparable flood to the sunwayman T60CS and it’s awesome throwing ability meant this was the winner. Machining was also important for me, and side by side with the T60CS I coudn’t pick a winner in that regard. However in hand the TK75 felt better, perhaps better in balance and certainly better in grippyness. The TK75 has similar ridges to the T60CS on it’s body tube that are more aggressive and you could really feel it in hand. The advantage of the T60CS is it’s compact build, but considering I haven’t yet got a thrower in my collection the TK75 offered a 2 in 1 light. Also liked the UI, simple but nicely done and convenient in one hand. One thing I don’t like is there is a noticeable green tint on the lower modes against a white wall, but it’s not really noticeable outside or in turbo mode.

So there we have it, decision made after careful consideration and quite happy with it now. :bigsmile: , even though I had to pay through the nose for it compared to the other 2.

Tough call that. T60CS has better machining and finish in my opinion, but the RRT has a better UI and is crazy floody.
If you want floody and magnetic control ring, go the RRT3. If you want compact and nice styling , go the T60CS. Personally I’d go the latter. Then there’s the TK75 that snuck in under the radar for me….

Does Doingoutdoor have a BLF coupon code?

Just email bill. He will take care of you. One of the favorite vendors of mine.

whokilledJR if you don’t mind me asking. What is the address of the shop in Saigon and what are the prices they offer? Do they have the TM26? As I’ll be in Saigon towards the end of this year. Thanks

PM sent