Sunwayman V11R Replacement Reflector (Requires Elbow Grease)

I’m not going to lie to you, this requires about a hour of filing with a 10 or 12 inch file :confounded: . I could have used the lathe and made this job alot easier but I wanted proof of concept that this can be done with simple hand tools. You might make it easier by using a dremel or belt sander to remove most of the unwanted material first then finish up with the file.
This reflector is item S023036 from Kaidomain.
Its made for a 3535 sized led with a 5mm hole in the bottom. The factory V11R reflector is made for a 5050 sized led so when doing a 3535 led swap the hole is quite larger than the led. The beam looks okay to me with the factory reflector but lacks a little, so this KD reflector is a slight improvement. I won’t say its the best I ever seen but it is a improvement over the factory one. The KD reflector is a smooth finish and I feel if they had went with a OP finish it would have improved even more.
The base is too large to fit down the head. I smeared some grease on the reflector and installed it in the head to see where it was hitting.

I could see the grease ring around the head and also down in the bottom of the smallest part of the opening. Figured everthing below the second groove on the reflector had to go. Taped up the opening to keep my fingers out of the reflector while working with it.

After about a hour and a half of filing and fitting I ended up with this.

KD S023036 unmodified on the left, KD S023036 filed down on the right.
The bottom of the led hole had to be filed down a little to give the bezel more room to screw down on the oring properly. It does touch the oring without filing the hole but covers the oring almost to factory if filed a little.
Filed KD reflector installed on the left, factory reflector on the right.

Factory Sunwayman, KD S023036, Filed KD S023036 reflector.

If you file the reflector down just right it should set comfortable right at the top of the led substrate.

Finished Filed KD reflector measurement.

If you need a replacement reflector for the V11R, V10R then this one will work, if your not afraid of a little elbow grease :wink: .
This reflector in the V11R is a huge improvement over the V10R xpg reflector. I haven’t tried it in the V10R yet but shinning both on the wall with the same led installed the V11R has a much more even beam with no rings.

Filing reflectors…fun :weary:

Nice work :+1:

your photos and write up details are outstanding!

After reading, I made plans to never file a reflector… LOL

thanks for the warning that its a pain I can forego :slight_smile:

I hope you post some beam photos :wink:

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