Sunwayman V20C and Lumintop TD15X

I have just received Sunwayman V20C and Lumintop TD15x. I purchase additional TD15x extension tube for 2*18650 usage.

Mode changing on V20C is on its magnetic control ring and on TD15x is by loosing its head. TD15x is definately brighter than V20C.

V20C comes with a holster, lanyard, orings and tail cap button.No clip is included. But it give a free R01A flashlight.

TD15X comes with a holster, lanyard, orings, non-tactical body ring, tail cap button, clip, extension body tube.

V20C is 435Lumens, TD15x with 1*18650 is about the same output with v20c. In order to get maximum output 720 lumens on TD15x, you need to use 2*18650 and purchase another separate extension tube.

I tested with unprotected panasonic 2900. Both doing great. However, problem came when i tested td15x with 2*18650 with 2 extention tubes.The TD15X was unable to light on. Panasonic 2900 is a non button top battery, the height is slightly shorter than protected/button top battery. Therefore the tail cap does not touch the battery. You need a button top batteries for 2*18650 usage.

Here are some photos i took. sorry for bad quality as i took with my cell phone

Very nice lights!!

You can try to solder on some nipples for the Panasonics. Try not to use magnets unless for testing, they may shift and cause a short (if magnet is on +ve and battery tube/battery disc is negative).

Thanks for the review, i myself is looking at the V20C but trying to delay a bit because i try not to spend too much on flashlights nowadays. The economy is going to be pretty bad and i am saving to buy other more important stuff.

You may wish to go to powerwholesale and get 4-6 pcs of the IMR 18350. Very good, tested to be comfortably over 900mAh. The TF Flames 16340s are like 700mAh. So 2 x 18350 gets you like a 2000mAh 18650. Operate this in the TD15X. Get 6pcs to take advantage of the shipping cost (not included). This is the stuff which Shao.fu.tzer at CPFM is selling too.

(Previously known as the BIO IMRs but that site crashed)

I'm planning to get panasonic 3100 soon.. but i'm not sure how does it perform. If only this 3100 performs much much better than 2900, then i will get it.

I'm not good in soldering :) . Any other methods???

not saying you dont know what your saying, but two 900mah 18350s gets you a 900mah 7.4v battery. that is unless you run them in parallel, and no flashlights ive seen have 18650/16340 in parallel

There is flashlight in parallel batteries.... if i am not mistaken, Nitecore TM11 is parallel

Yah...i am referring more like that 2 * 18350 cells gives you something like the net capacity of a single 1800-1900mAh 18560 cell (ignoring driver eff differences). Coz some prefer 1 x 18650 length.

Stuff like the TM11 is parallel, also the new Elektrolumens ST90 and also CQG Extreme runtime flashlight ( 3 x 18650, you can run 1 or 2 as well).

now i am tempting to get catapult v3 and scorpion v2

ops i meant 18350 in parallel. there are more than a few 18650s in parallel