Sunwayman V60C lowest price anywhere @ DD [ updated price]

Just wanted to share a great deal on a awesome light the Sunwayman V60C. It is currently $121.69 at Dinodirect. I used a coupon for $20 off making it $101.69, if you have additional discounts you can get it cheaper! I had $5 gift card , so i got mine for $96.69 !

Coupon code: ddchristmasus03

Sale ended. Promotional price of $122.00 . Thank you summer..

I just got mine today..101$ was way too low not to order..everything is flawless on the light and it got here quick after a week delay to ship on DD's part..still i'm very happy with this light..everyone should own one..

Yep, ordered from there for 101 bucks and i have been using the light. It is great. Have to bring this up again.

Looks nice though, isn’t 2 hours at 728 lumens a bit short for a 3x18650 light?

Now if only this is a 3*XM-L light then I'd be all over it

I agree, it's high time that SWM releases a triple XM-L. Or surprise us with a big 90mm head 5x XM-L powered by 4 x 18650!

I also ordered this light using the coupon discounts - it's a deal that I couldn't resist. It came shipped EMS 7 days after ordering. I will say this light rocks! Great thrower (the best I have) and the magnetic control ring is a nice touch. With 3 x 18650 batteries, it will run a long time, even on high. Very good heat sinking and the form factor is nice even though it is a "fatty". I would highly recommend this to anyone at this low price.

Got mine frm DD last week. Does anyone with v60c experienced flickering issue? When I put it to near max or max brightness, it will flicker for 1,2 secs. A few times for 1st 2 minutes then steady for next 5 mins. Tried a few times same thing always issue on the low brightness though.Hoping for a 3 XML SWM too.someone did mention on CPF that SWM is working on it.

Mine seems flicker free, and I think of myself as picky on these things. Got mine from elsewhere for $170 i think!

Only flicker I see is when the driver starts up on low, but only lasts a fraction of a second.

you might have a bad contact on one of your batteries..try 3 new batts and see if the problem is still there..

Damn you guys!

I just had to order one. I had some Dino-points. Cost me $98.50 after checking the .99 cent return shipping box. That's a steal. And I hope DD has these on hand.

For me, this shop is frivolous.
On 25.12.2011 I bought a V60C for $121.69 - minus Coupon Discount $20.00 + plus DHL $27.69
Until today I didn't receive any e-mail about purchasing, shipping, etc.
A few days ago I asked be chat what about with my order, and .....
I quote:
"Otta_ 18:46:09
hi, we have already shipped your items about on DEC.31
Otta_ 18:55:09
sorry, cuz DHL refuse this kind of items, so we changed into air mail
Otta_ 18:55:28
sorry,the tracking number still not update, could you please wait for a few days?we will email you once we got the tracking number."

This is at least funny. A lot of money and any e-mail, and my flashlight.

I just want to say that this light out-throws my 2.8a x9 and my's friggen' bright and throws like hell..

that is a scammer attitude

Will try to insert 3 xtar 2600 when I reach home later. But it’s longer than the Trustfire flames so hope it fits. Thks

The good thing is that you can later sell this on CPFM for $95 shipped and there will be quite a few takers. But don't sell it 1 year + later, then it'll be like $60. hehe...

18700 from XTAR will fit, no problem.

Ok, my story. I purchased the V60C first and added $4.59 for DHL. (I knew it was too good to be true but just try coz nobody did any reviews here anyway).

They shipped out EMS which is still express shipping but maybe 2-3 days longer, i told them will spread the good word for this anyway but EMS re-deliveries is a bit slow locally if i miss the delivery and I did miss it coz they definitely will not re-direct. They gave me a GC of more than that value, and i used it to purchase the M3X.

Same thing, M3X via FedEx for 2 bucks more (LOL!). They shipped out via EMS and the package came after 6 days after date of postage. But this time no GC offered.

For your case, it is a lot of money, they could offer a GC. Or a Paypal refund.

But yeah, even for me, DD took i'd believe 4-5 working days for my V60C/M3X, which is standard.

And seriously as per common sense, at least for me.....i'd avoid Christmas, New Year period if you know you cannot afford to wait. Else just sit there patiently and wait, or order from a US company which probably takes 2 weeks MAX to EUROPE.

Unfortunately a lot of folks ordered then. It's really the same every year, the next one is Chinese New Year, in fact i am not really ordering now but rather receiving my packages which i ordered 1-2 weeks before your order on 25th Dec. Eg, yesterday i just received a package which i ordered on the 17th Dec from DX. Still have a Xmas time package from Manafont which is not received.

We will have a similar re-enactment after Chinese New Year regardless of dealers from DX/MF/KD/Aliexpress.

My humble recommendation is : If anybody wants to get their stuff faster (esp for folks in CONUS), just order from the USA.

But sometimes the stuff that i ordered do come pretty fast. The fastest was just 5 days after ordering, from HK XTAR (XTAR 18700s). But another order took like 3 weeks. Slowest was 45 days from Manafont. (which folks say is the fastest and has best cust svc). Absolutely nothing is certain.

Just to share my 10 pages worth of PP and 3 pages of Aliexpress purchases. :)

Thanks, I sympathize with you and friends such adventures, but I was not comforted.
Some shipments to me didn't arrived (lost to me), so now when I larger purchases (more moneys) - I take DHL (EMS).

On example: lately from China I waited max 2 days for shipment by DHL:
2x with cnqualitygoods - 2 days.
1x with intl-outdoor - 2 days.
So they can take order and deliver "normally", not to mention the contact via e-mail.

DD scares me.