Sunwayman V60C

Ok guys I'm not going to talk this one up very much and I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking. I am impressed. All lights should strive to be this nice.

Sunwayman V60C

And thank you Dino-Direct.

t is an amazing light..dd came through with this one for sure..great price..

Sweet. I had actually talked myself out of one because there's no way I will ever use or even buy the charging base, but then every owner I talked to told me they loved their V60C. Still not gonna buy that charging base though. :D

Thanks for the pictures. I don't spring for lights much, especially expensive ones but I would consider buying this one. Please give us your impressions and perhaps a couple of comparison beamshots.

Also, does anyone know how this compares to the DRY? I know this is only one emitter, but the form factor is similar.

Why not? Cost? Safety? It's more convenient and you won't have to worry about inserting the batteries with reverse polarity. Maybe in that regard, it is safer.

Cost is one consideration, yes, but my main reason is that I already have way too many chargers. I have a hobby charger that I hardly ever use (well, I do use it to charge car and motorcycle batteries but nothing flashlight-related) because I own half a dozen TR-001s that work well enough for me. It's just not worth it to me.

Besides, the last thing I need is an excuse to buy another Sunwayman light, just because I already have a charging base. ;)

i'm not a fan of the charging base..won't buy it and wish there was a cover for the exposed contacts..i'll have to find something to cover them up..sunwayman should have included a cover stock..

Wow. ILIKE: You really snuck up on me with this one. I don't remember reading that you had this one on the way. I'm interested on your report on this light. I know it's expensive but it does hold my interest. I'm wondering how it compares to other lights in it's class?

Can't wait for the T41 to arrive and get your input there and how it compares to these other lights.

The V60C is awesome. I also got mine from DD back in December. I was blown away - it came by EMS after about 8 days post ordering.

Here is my video review on youtube. It's an awesome light and a heck of a deal at $101

I can already say that the magnetic ring to control your brightness setting is the way to go. No other light I have will do this, and I wish they all would. There I said it. You need one.

The control system is what eventually sold me on the V10A. That one wasn't my first flashlight with a control ring but it was the first that actually worked well. I thought I wouldn't like the V10A. In fact, I was pretty sure but the control interface made me changed my mind.

My tip for the safety of the back of the torch (12V): I cut the plastic circle and planted under battery carrier. On the outside is no longer voltage.

Now I have a little problem: I would replace Led T6 (greenish) on neutral (on example T5 4B), but I don't know how to open from back side (how to remove the white plastic ring)....

I thought about doing an emitter swap with a NW or warm XML. I think it could be done from the top. If you watch my video, the light can be opened from the bezel to gain access to the XML, which is screwed down (and possibly glued). It's not the easiest space to work in, but I think if the screws could be taken out, it would be possible to remove the existing emitter and reflow a new one onto the original board. Because of the unique shape of the stock PCB, using a generic board would not allow one to screw it down because the existing screw holes on the pill are too far apart.

nice thanks for the tip..i'll do it when I get home..have a picture of what you did?

Great Pictures Brad, I can't wait until mine get's here it looks like it's stuck in Hong Kong...I just can't get over how awesome Sunwayman lights are.

Nice video Hill.

ILIKE. How do you think the throw will be compared with your other throwers?

pounder: this is picture

nice seems easy lol..doing that when I get home..I had originally thought that there was a negative path through the body but I guess i'm used to tail clickies..