Wuben A9

The Wuben A9 is a high-performance flashlight that is primarily designed for search and rescue, but can also be used in a range of settings because of its high, medium, low, turbo and SOS outputs! Its maximum output is 12,000 lumens and it has a maximum beam throw of 420m! Though powerful, it can be easily carried and switched between modes with one hand!


Search and rescue: The A9 is specially designed for search and rescue situations and allows you to light up long distances of 420m and cover ground more effectively and at the same time. The beam can also serve as a beacon to the person you’re searching for!

Law enforcement: The A9's ability to inspect a situation with its flood beam whilst keeping a distance is important and the A9 will help you quickly identify potential threats, investigate unfamiliar sounds or command a suspect’s attention!

Emergency signaling: The A9 with its 420m range can be used as an emergency beacon and with its comparatively bright 12,000 lumens you will increase your likelihood of being found! In an emergency such as being rescued from a flooded building or having an injury deep in a forest, the A9 makes an incredibly effective signaling tool especially with its SOS mode.

Land management: The A9 will let you search and inspect over greater distances, so you don’t have to get up close to investigate intruders, missing livestock, and other issues that may arise in the dark. Ranchers, farmers, and those who live out in the country are likely to understand the importance of having a high output that covers larger areas.


The Wuben A9 is dustproof and waterproof with IP68 rating - this means not only will it be fully operational in severe weather, it can be submerged in water of 2m depth for 1 hour! It is also impact resistant for 1m drops to the ground!


The A9 has three CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs. These have high lumen density, reliability, and color consistency! XHP70.2 LEDs have improvements to the lumen density, voltage characteristics, reliability, and optical performance of the previous generation CREE XHP70 LEDs. XHP 70.2 LEDs have a 7.0mm x 7.0mm package, longer lifetimes and can be operated at higher temperatures compared to most other flashlight LEDs!


It A9 has a side button switch which allows you to switch between modes when carrying it with one hand! Triple clicking it will turn on its breathing light - this is green and designed to help you locate it in the dark! The button also acts as a battery level indicator - at less than 15% charge it flashes red, stays constantly red on between 15-40%, flashes blue between 40-90% and stays constantly blue for over 90% charge! Instant turbo can be operated by double-clicking and to prevent turning on by accident, the button can be clicked 4 times for lockout mode! One of the LEDs blinks 3 times to confirm that the A9 has been locked out!


The A9 comes with a removable customized Wuben ABG 10200 li-ion battery which gives you the option of carrying more than one battery or replacing when needed it to prolong its life of it! It has a capacity of 10200 mAh - this is more than double what 21700 li-ion batteries in EDC flashlights have, where they typically have a 4800 mAh capacity! The battery is conveniently charged with the USB-C interface. If the A9 emits 20 lumens on its moon mode, it can continuously run for 23 days! Safely features of the included battery include:

A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) protects against overcharge and over-discharge, short/over current and high temperatures.

A PTC (Positive Temperature Switch) is a small round disc at the top of the battery, inside the casing and protects against overheating. The battery has low resistance, but if there is a surge in current, the battery will heat up and the PTC will increase its resistance to prevent burning.

A CID (Current Interrupt Device): This will disable the cell permanently if the pressure is too high in the cell which can happen from overcharging. If the battery becomes overcharged, its pressure increases, but the CID will interrupt the connection with the positive terminal by venting gas through the hole in the top of the battery.

Build quality

The body of the A9 is made from grade III anodized aluminum allow which is durable and has excellent heat dissipation qualities which keep the LEDs cooler, prolongs the life of the flashlight and allows more brightness! This body also has anti-slip knurling and the reflector is also made from aluminum alloy. Its lens is made from toughened glass with double-sided anti-reflection coating and it features a stainless steel bezel that can be used for self-defense or as a glass breaker!


Along with the flashlight itself, the A9 comes with a hard plastic cuboid carry case with a handle, 10200 mAh li-ion battery, power adaptor, Type-C charging cable and a shoulder strap! There is also a user manual and warranty cards and to help prolong the lifespan of the A9, it also comes with 2 O-rings to ensure you can keep it IP68 waterproof for as long as possible! Two gifts are also included - a metallic dog tag style necklace and a lanyard that has a compass! The A9 has two holes for its shoulder strap, and a screw thread to mount it to a tripod and comes with a 5-year warranty!

would be cool if u bothered adding a link or specs

turning on by 3clics? while getting to turbo by 2 clicks? bravo.

Just click the "Wuben A9" or any pictures, then you can land on our product page.

Click one for turn on/off, and click two for Turbo.

xie-xie. i was mistaken about 3 clicks, didn't notice it refers to button backlight

if it is 1min from turbo to stepdown - this is good. but what about High mode? flashlight of this sizd should stepdown as well. but specs dont mention it.

i like form-factor. looks like grip should be good.

but here is problem..huge gap between modes. and mode selection as well.

20 lumens solely is to dim even for indoor use. and it is also too bright to be used as moonlight. is there any instant access to low, no to get blinded by other modes?

no modes between 20 and 1000 is serious CON.

no modes for indoor use...

and 1000 is way to much for lots of outdoor use, really.

the same is for gap between mod and hight.

u guys castrated modes set to point of uselessness.

0.5 moonlight - 20 low, 300 mid low , 1000, 2500, 4500, 12000 turbo is good. any mode for any need

current modes seriously limits use.

i bet any forum member will agree