Super deal Sofirn

I was looking at sofirn flashlights on Amazon and set the filter for all deals and the first one it showed was the SC28 for 60% off. I couldn’t resist and I pulled the trigger instantly. I had never even looked at this model before but I thought, worse comes to worse, I will throw it in my junk drawer and use it just in the house.

After going back and looking through the specs, I think I got a good deal. Do you agree or disagree? I’m curious to hear from you.

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If you are talking about this, its an awesome deal @ $20

Yep that’s the light.

I wish Sofirn would stop doing this to me. I mean at 60% off, it was out of my control. Lol😂

My Convoy C8 KW CSLNM1.TG just arrived at the my local post office but I don’t think they will deliver it today, probably Monday.

It would have been sweet to get my new Convoy and the Sofirn deal, all on the same day.

Here’s a picture of it. Isn’t it beautiful!

The Osram based light impress the hell out of me.

I have one of these as well, and it’s great. Amazing throw for the size, though the size of the head is a bit too big for my everyday carry. Still, I threw a pocket clip on the tail cap and will occasionally throw it in a pocket. It pairs really well with a smaller flooder, like a single AA/14500 light.

I am glad to hear that. I read some very positive reviews. In fact, I don’t think I saw a review that had an overall bad review. I have the battery primed and ready. It’s getting my best vapcell F56.

A C8+ uses a 18650 battery
A M21A uses a 21700 battery

The Vapcell F56 is 21700 and won’t fit into a C8+

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I agree with you on that. Mine is going in or on my emergency bag that I keep in my vehicle.

I just wish there was someone in the United States who carried the full line of Convoy inventory. I would gladly pay more for the light plus shipping to get it here within a week, instead of 2 to 3 weeks.

The problem is you would pay three times more and I dont think you want that. The good news is more and more are showing up on Amazon.

I wouldn’t pay 3X the Ali express price but I would probably pay 1.5X more. If the right company sold them on Amazon it might not be that much more than it’s through Ali express. It’s a dream.

I just talked to my mail lady and she is going to go get my flashlight and bring it to me. I give her lots of seedlings every spring and it just paid dividends. Lol​:yum::joy:

Good Price, would buy it aswell for $20
But it costs a little bit more on amazon in my country…

With tax it was $17. Where country are you in?

My bad, I meant the vapcell N36 3650mAh battery. Thanks for catch. Lol

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germany. its 26,31 on amazon here, still a pretty good price. But for me to buy it not good enough because i have already so many lights :sweat_smile:
Would probably buy it for 20€ or under it.

Awesome. I’m planning a trip to there next year. Eschweiler, Germany is the area I will be in. A very distant cousin started a knife making company there many years ago and we are going to try and hunt down some of the knives he made.

It was bought out several years ago and is now under the name of the “Ziegler group”. There used to be a small village by the name of Ziegler but I don’t know if it still exists or not.

The knives are made under the name of Schmidt and Ziegler.

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You mean: “Schmidt & Ziegler” in Solingen, the heartland of German cutlery.

Yes it is, if not for simplicity itself. I have the 21700 version (M21A) but in CSLPM1.TG. It remains today, my favorite thrower. I believe Zoulas has the same light and can attest to its exceptional performance. Your NM1 undoubtedly has more concentrated beam/hotspot and slightly higher candela. The wait will be worth it. You won’t be disappointed. Not sure where you live, but you need to get somewhere it’s possible to really “air it out” at distance. Amazing lights. I giggle every time I hit the switch on these throwers.

Yeah that’s the one. We are going to drive around.

Yeah I can’t wait.