super wierd things on aliexpress , with super great advertising

hi guys

whats the funnyest thingsyouve seen on aliexpress or wish or banggood etc

that the advert gets straight to the point and is super funny

“bigger dick”

Strangely enough, that product is not available on Banggood.

It’s super weird too the packaging has an American flag and bald eagle.

abuse of a members avatar!

Seems legit

Well, it does work. I did some modelling for them, that’s me in the 2nd photo down. I got $50 and was happy with that at the time….I look back and think I should have pushed for more…. :wink:

“I would like to learn more keep a Wiccan bullet”

Who wouldn’t?

Free lifetime supply of “bigger dick” cream

Them pictures are brilliant :laughing:

Some of the questions and answers are brilliant

I find folding it in half helps ! :slight_smile:

Want a Little Dick?

Eh, close enough…

The “Give her love now” picture hints at applying it to your tongue, as well?

All I can say is I won’t be needing that cream anytime soon!

Great, now that is going to be in all my add recommendation on every sight I go to.

This one is on Amazon, look at the 3rd add picture.

“Of courth.”


Yes, that’s what a longer tongue will do, :smiley: But she will love it.

Like I'm really gonna put anything from China on my!

From the Aliexpress page:

“ Please allow 1-2cm error due to manual measurement.”

Doctors agree.