Superfire M20

Been a l-o-n-g time since I bought a light but couldn't resist for $33.00. (recent sale listed here)

And since the site won't let me upload pictures in any way, shape or form... oh, well. (cussing emoticon here)


This thing is *small*, can't wait till it gets dark. What's nice is that I had it within two weeks, pretty good.

Cool! A rectangular light with user swappable cells? How do you like it so far?

Is this the link

That's it... it's screwed down though.. you'd have to disassemble it by undoing set screws on the hind end. On sale now again.

I'll know when it gets dark .

Well darn. It looked like the cells could easily be swapped. To bad they aren’t. This review shows the light to be problematic in several different ways that would discourage me from using it. Ah well… thanks anyhow. I do like the form factor, but that’s where it ends. YMMV, I guess. :innocent:

His is a Supfire and mine's a Superfire with an English box and instructions. I can only hope mine's an updated version. (?)

I don't like that he said it didn't get hot... wonder if it's a crap job of thermal paste. My modding area is an A&E Hoarder's paradise now so checking that is out for now.

If it does die at least it might make a phone charger and I'd have the host for new components. I sure do like the size/form though!

Haha… there you go! I suspect a thin or hollow floor plate and cheap cells with 4P spot welded tabs. It would be interesting if you could devise a way to easily swap cells without tools and kludge the thermal problems (if possible) and swap emitters for something more efficient and copper mounted, such as 3V xhp50.3, etc.

Looking forward to your tear-down.