Superfire WF-501N Incan, $5.39 @ DD

This may possibly be a good deal. I say possibly, because I can't seem to find much in the way of details on this light. It looks like a P60 host with a generic incan drop-in and I'm expecting 501b quality (ie. not much) but I obviously can't be sure. I ordered one and will let you guys know when I get it.

In case anyone is interested, here's the link. Scroll down, select "silver" and you get $5.67. Enter "DEALMOON" for 5% off if you don't have a better coupon. Those $5 coupons probably won't work as most of them require a minimum purchase of $20 or $50. Image is hotlinked.

That head is designed for jade inspection and needs a seriously warm LED or an underdriven incan to work properly.

DX will sell you the same body for $5.80 but without the shroud on the head.

So that’s what they are for? I’ve seen those types of bezels on flashlights plenty of times and always wondered what benefit they would be. I always think of nose hair trimmers when I see them! LOL

Put a really high-power incan in it and you can burn out the nose hairs!


Let me know what your doctor has to say if you try that.


I got, 'sorry, only 0 in stock' when I tried to buy...

Oh, cool. I didn't know that. Thanks.

Weird. That happened to me, too. Then I went to answer the phone and pretty much forgot about it for the better part of the day. When I tried it again, the order went through. So I went back just now, tried to order another one and got the same error message as you. :(

Darn it. Sorry, guys.

There were some rather cute deals on dino direct a rominsen that was normally 15 to 30$ for 8$??? same story they had maybe one with a ding on it and blew it out ..I had 3 or f4 good deals in my cart and all of them came up ,,, NO sale ... have we seen this before ??...bait bait bait ... carrot carrot carrot ,,NOSOUP FOR YOU!!!

Well, I don't think I'll ever truly understand how HKP works. I order a X9 and get in 9 days and then I go and order this puppy about the same time, and it takes over a month to make it to my mailbox.

As expected, it's a 501b body with a shroud, which comes off as one part (lens and all). The host is your standard 501b affair: a bit heavier compared to a random 501b I just pulled off the shelf (4.68oz/132.8g vs. 3.11oz/88.1g), which makes it feel maybe a bit less cheap, but it is what it is. It headstands but won't tailstand.

The drop-in isn't anything out of the ordinary either. It will take a 18650 but it obviously wasn't designed for 4.2v. It works fine on two 16340s and is a single mode.

You can probably tell that I ordered this out of curiosity (and because it was cheap :D) and if you keep in mind that I paid about five bucks, I think it's still a pretty good deal for a special purpose light. I have paid more for lights that I knew at the time I wouldn't be using much.