Supfire A2. Supfire's cute little zoom 18650 side switch.

An interesting little side switch 18650 light that is packed with features. I’m not a fan of focus/zoom lights but this light looks interesting. The anodizing also looks better than the past glossy Supfire lights.

I like it. Wonder who has it.

I would expect a retail price of about $16 once some bigger online vendors get them in stock. I ordered a sample from Supfire but their DHL prices are always awful. When placing large orders it may seem as if they are trying to also make extra money off of the shipping.

I’ve been looking for a nice 18650 zoomy. There are not many to choose from or atleast from what I can find.

I would buy it for $11 and maybe $13 without strobe. It is very nice though. If only it were cheaper.

Looks really nice.

The light has an XML2, color-coded battery charge indicator, tailcap clicky with side-electronic switch, and USB charging. This doesn’t strike me as a $13 light with a generic driver. Supfire, like Convoy, also has a reputation for making relatively well-built budget flashlights.

My guess is maybe $25-40 range.

I do think an XPL HI makes a lot more sense for a zoomie than domed XML2. But presumably a little modding would fix that.

Nice flashlight! Picture in OP please?

It’s a nice light, I like it but probably has nxt mode memory :frowning:

Yes! Yes! I agree with you. Sorry to imply declaring a value. Rather, I was merely referring to my own budget and wishes:)

Every time I read Supfire, I misread it as Supbeam. I’d like a Supbeam/Acebeam…

Anyone’s got any experience with this A2 yet? I’m curious.

Not a fan of zoomies but this looks really interesting.

I am afraid it will be pricey and I really don’t know if I like the idea of an 18650 charger built in… I do have a BD03 and it has not nuked on me yet.

I would be more interested if it did not have the stinkin’ blinkin’ going on. :slight_smile:


I like the looks of it …I’d like it to be 7$ …….:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll buy a handful at seven bucks … seven is a much luckier number

The only reason I found this light is because my customers are very annoying. 90% of them are stuck in the old mag light days with the whole concept of focusing an incandescent bulb. They always come to me and pick up lights I sell. They start to take the head off a convoy s2+ or c8 and ask if it focuses. I say “no sorry” and they start to walk away. Then I show them an inferior sk98 and tell them that this light focuses. Their eyes light up and they buy it. I try to tell them that the s2 and c8 are better with reflectors. But they do not care about or understand a reflector light. Then they bitch if the sk98 doesn’t have a built in charger. Ugghhh. So if this A2 is built better than a sk98 then it will solve my problems. I think most of the sk98 are junk but my customers do not care. And I’m tired of getting shipments of sk98 with lattice bright leds. I have probably gone through 300 sk98 at this point.

Supfire has always produced some decent lights. I never liked their cheap glossy anodizing that they put on a majority of their lights. We will see how this A2 does.

I’m sure Richard at could get a shipment of these and offer a good price without the unprotected supfire 18650

I had bad luck with this solarstorm starry light ex01. The usb charging worked but the green and red warning lights quit working properly . And the anodizing was very cheap and glossy.

I hope it has memory or always starts on low/high. I really hate next mode bs.

Looks like it has those really cheap dust and side switch covers too. Those things shear/fall/tear off with the lightest use.

There is a non-zoom version A5 for Supfire but the quality is not as good.

Are there any other nice little zoomy’s out there for under $20? Or… Maybe this isn’t the right question for this thread? If not, just ignor my question:)

I feel your pain brother. The only lights i’ve been really selling are green c8’s for blood tracking. Other than hunters, I can’t find many people interested in a premium (Convoy) light.