SupFire L5 modding adventures

Oh - think it's mentioned in the OP. I definitely fried a dye wire when I routed around the resistors - the stock XM-L2 on alum MCPCB.

Whoa da -- I can't quite believe what I'm seeing... My very first test of the true, real XM-L2 U3 1A (from Hank) on 16mm Noctigon, mounted in a ZeusRay zoomie - tailcap at 3.92A (Nanjg x 11, 3.85A effective): 1,306 OTF lumens in full flood at 30 secs?


Ok, throw is pathetic at 21 kcd, but expect that from a small cheap zoomie ($8) with that huge XM-L2 dye projected out there.

Originally it did 1,081 OTF at 30 secs with the same exact mod using a XM-L2 U2 1A on a SinkPAD. All I did was pull the star and replace it, but need to drill holes thru the Noctigon for the 2 screw mount. Calculated out at a 21% boost -- not bad.

Great write up Tom.

Also thanks everyone for the switches listed. I’m planning on putting in side switches on any future plunger lights I mod. I did one recently for blu8alls and it turned out nice but I would like to a have a few different kinds around.

hmm. Isn’t the most extreme case supposed to be 14%? IIRC that would be going from a bad sample of the low bin to a good sample of the high bin. I wonder if this is more Cree shenanigans, like they don’t want to call it a V bin but they also don’t want to anger anyone like they did that weirdness when they stopped improving the XR-E even though better dies were available. (so maybe they are just silently improving the XM-L2 U3 beyond spec)

Dunno the specs off-hand, but could be my XM-L2 U2 1A had an issue. When zoomed out (max throw), a bright spot appeared in a corner in the shape of a dog - weird ( posted bout it w/beamshots somewhere), and I could only measure about 3.7A at the tail, when in fact it should have about 3.9A (3.85A with 11 350 7135's). So, the 21% bump may be artificially high, but I really thought almost 1,100 lumens from this weird XM-L2 U2 1A was doing very good. Still, 1,300 lumens is the highest I've seen or head of from a zoomie. Even in full flood, the lumens gets knocked down in zoomies from loss's from the aspheric and side edges in the head when compared to reflector lights, least that's been my experiences. This is an $8 light w/shipping, that has an extremely thick pill top and XM-L2 emitter, and classic cheap and small plastic aspheric.

Hoping someone can do a decent job of comparative testing of these XM-L2 U3 1A's. djozz would be perfect for this of course Smile.

I saw the dog and I figured maybe it was missing phosphor. I don’t know if that lines up with lower lumens though (I’d think they’d maybe be a little higher with a thinner phosphor layer, but I suppose there’s a point of diminishing returns with that?)

On the XM-L2 U3… maybe we should conspire to have a few show up on djozz’s doorstep. I don’t know if he can resist doing the work once he’s got the goods. J)

Can anyone answer this newbie question?!!

Are most drivers connected to the body or sitting alone on a thermal pad?


No - the phosphor was clean - that's why I thought it was so weird, but then a friend of mine at work said some manufacturers used to do things like that. I'm thinking maybe I did some damage when installing/testing - seem to recall having a short circuit and tested for an instant - didn't notice any problem at the time. Actually just before I pulled it, I was only getting 3.5A on a good fresh cell - really thought a 7135 went bad, but when I installed the U3, I got the full 3.92A or so. Seems like the U2 started out weak (or high vF), and got worse.