Supfire M6 First Impressions Review

Are these proper seconds or just counting ‘one, two, three’ in your head?

It seems like 3 full timed seconds would be a long time, but I often read descriptions that say ‘hold for 2 or 3 seconds to turn on/off’ or switch to strobe or something, and in reality it’s more like 800ms or 1 second.

I don't know... Haven't got mine yet

Ok, hopefully both of ours will turn up soon with no smashed lenses! :slight_smile:

I think 3 seconds is right on..(just measured it with a kitchen timer (no milliseconds)

Yep, 3 seconds is right on…

I ordered two. They came in today, un-announced. USPS still says they are in some California sort facility. The box looks like it was sat upon by a herd of overweight elephants pregnant with quadruplets. Lights survived the elephant attack intact.

Tossed one into the Sphere ’o Many Mysteries:

High: 1900 lumens, 7.4 amps @ 4.0V, 6475K
Med: 1064 lumens, 3.9 amps
Low: 257 lumens, 0.8 amps
Strobe: 10 Hz

ALL modes, including high, show 615 Hz PWM.
Parasitic drain is minimal (< 3 microamps).

Here is a plot of a run:

After around 9 minutes the light was at 1800 lumens. It then stairstepped down in intensity over a couple of minutes to around 1300 lumens. It was at 52 degrees C. I don’t know if the rampdown was due to temperature, time, or voltage (I suspect that it was time).

At around 90 minutes the intensity started dropping as the battery voltage started dropping below the regulation point. The light was at 70 degrees C (toasty!).

After 2 hours the light level started dropping off the cliff. It stopped dropping at around 24 lumens. There was apparently no low-voltage cutoff. The cells were at 2.7 volts and only one LED was lit and it was flickering. The light stopped responding to button presses and would not shut off.

Thanks texaspyro!!!

What batteries did you tested ?

That is amazing testing texaspyro, again. Thanks.

Panasonic 2900 mAh cells…

I put one of my custom SRK drivers configured for 9 amps into it. Output went to 2200 lumens (from 1900 lumens). I put the M6 driver retaining ring into the light and mounted the driver onto the top of the ring (actually it is just sitting loose on it now). It needs to be tacked down with a small spot of weak adhesive.

The stock M6 is driving the LEDs at around 2.5A each, which isn’t too bad. Some U3 LEDs or high bin XML2’s might it get up to 2800 lumens or so.

On my SRK with XML2/T6/3C LEDs my low mode is around 50 lumens. The M6 with the same driver is around 10 lumens.

Another BLF great contributer!

I really want a texaspyro driver now as I have an m6 inbound from a less impressed member, anyone else thinking copper xp-g2’s could be interesting?

I was thinking about that as well. Wondering how well it will throw with those reflectors.

Yupp, that would be interesting. And I have three that are ready, and have been ready for a long time. ;) Im testing various emitters, and emitter combination in the typical SKR reflectors. This thread is just the beginning..

I also have a 5 emitter (SRK sized) reflector that I have plans for... One mod at a time though. Or in my case, two to 5 mods at the same time, some back and forth between the mods, and some that end up half finished that I go back for later.. :p

I’m pretty sure that the stepdown in light at 9 minutes is due to time and not voltage or temperature. I did a couple of runs and the stepdown always happens at 9 minutes. The lights were at 5 degrees C apart during the runs.

Richard (RMM) at Mountain Electronics is now offering User Interface modified and output boosted M6 lights as well as stock versions with XM-L2 LEDs as standard. Excellent prices IMO for both stockers and modified lights. Fully modified units are putting out 4000+ Lumens per some members sphere measurements.

I like the thick contacts on the battery contact surface of the board in the head plus the fact that it is retained by a brass ring rather than being glued in. The thick battery contact ring should be more durable and the brass retaining ring makes for much easier disassembly of the light for modification.