Supfire M6 - resistor mod (Update testing XP-G2s on copper in post 59-60)

Lol…nice one man! And with the super beefy contact point, I will not hesitate to try this.

its a dammed big twisty lol.

I just had a play with the m6 vs my convoy l2, whilst the l2 does feel heavier than the m6, I’m not sure I don’t still prefer the toilet plunger. They are though both completely different lights, big flood vs tight throw, both probably annoy my neighbours tbh, they’ll get used to it I guess, and cw really isn’t my thing, those emitters need swapping out stat lol

i can’t resist it,must wait until mine get here :smiley:

I’m still trying to get my mind around this.
So if I wanted the equivelant of 2 X .12 resisters, I would need 1 X .06 ?

impressive! i need to get someone to build me one or a srk like this

my hands are too fat and shaky to do resistor mods

A little off-topic, but I just got some “Wire Glue” from Ebay ( and\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649). The wire glue website says that you can use it to solder SMD devices.

Could it be used to do the resistor mods like this one?

Also, could it be used to solder stacked 7135s chips?

There’s also a “review” of sorts here:

i am thinking of starting to use a conductive epoxy to start attaching drivers to the pill

That’s what was done in that BLF thread I linked, but I’m wondering if it could be used for other commonly-done things, e.g., resistor modes and adding stacked chips. I think that it’d work but not sure about how well it works when things get hot.

You guys are crazy…
I am normally a fan of resistor mods but the m6 gets unholdable hot in too short.
So before I even would think of a higher power, I would definitely try to build a handle for this.

Shame on you ohaya. Wire glue, after you just bought that nice soldering station.
Actually I have some too, that I bought from the same place on eBay. I haven’t used it yet, but I don’t think I’ll try it on resistors or 7135 chips. I can’t be sure “how” electrically conductive that stuff is. I originally bought it for installing P60 drivers into pills, but after I got my station I never needed to bother with the “glue”.
Resistors look pretty easy compared to stacking chips.
I’m going to have to take a look at the driver of my FandyFire Warrier to see if it can be “resister modded”.

I already know that the handle from my Roche M170 will fit, and pretty sure the one from my EYE40 will too.

glad i’m still keep my M170 handle :bigsmile:

I put one of my custom 9 amp SRK drivers in one of mine. It starts into the thermal management after a minute or so. An SRK takes about 3 minutes. The driver is measuring the temperature in the driver compartment, not on the flashlight body. The body was only around 10C above ambient when the thermal management kicked in. The thermal management in my driver keeps the light below around 55C. After 30 minutes or so, it has reduced the light to around 900 lumens (around 10 watts) At that point, the temperature has fully stabilized.

how does that compare to a SRK host?

Driver chip is AMC7136. its Current sense feedback voltage is 50mV

Your stock driver setting: 3x 0.056 ohms = 0.018 ohms

Stock drive current = 50mV / 0.018 = 2777 mA

After 2x0.120 ohm resistor added, 0.018 & 0.060 = 0.013 ohm

now drive current will be 50/0.013 = 3846 mA

The hosts handle the same amount of heat and stabilize at around the same temp/light level. The M6 driver compartment heats a lot fast than the SRK (maybe because the black body radiates heat back into it better).

Nice mod. Thanks for sharing!

Here's my quick calculations of your mod and a hypothetical mod with 1..5 pieces of 0.1 Ohm resistors:

RaceR86 mod Planned mod
Stock resistor 1 0.056 Ohm 0.056 Ohm
Stock resistor 2 0.056 Ohm 0.056 Ohm
Stock resistor 3 0.056 Ohm 0.056 Ohm
Extra resistor 1 0.120 Ohm 0.100 Ohm
Extra resistor 2 0.120 Ohm 0.100 Ohm
Extra resistor 3 0.120 Ohm 0.100 Ohm
Extra resistor 4 0.100 Ohm
Extra resistor 5 0.100 Ohm
Stock 0.01867 Ohm 0.01867 Ohm
w. 1 extra resistor 0.01615 Ohm 0.01573 Ohm
w. 2 extra resistors 0.01424 Ohm 0.01359 Ohm
w. 3 extra resistors 0.01273 Ohm 0.01197 Ohm
w. 4 extra resistors Ohm 0.01069 Ohm
w. 5 extra resistors Ohm 0.00966 Ohm
Feedback voltage (mV) 45.5 Calculated back from the measured 2.4A emitter current - takes driver losses etc. into account..
Emitter current
Stock 2.44 A / emitter 2.44 A / emitter
w. 1 extra resistor 2.82 A / emitter 2.89 A / emitter
w. 2 extra resistors 3.20 A / emitter 3.35 A / emitter
w. 3 extra resistors 3.58 A / emitter 3.80 A / emitter
w. 4 extra resistors A / emitter 4.26 A / emitter
w. 5 extra resistors A / emitter 4.71 A / emitter

That’s pretty awesome.

Thanks for the calculations!

Am I right that the upper limit to this mod is, in effect, direct drive? After all I believe that the cells are in parallel as are the 3 emitters. This is good as there is less danger in wildly over driving the emitter.
The TR-3T6 resistor mod had 2 or 3 cells in series. If I had this light, I wouldn’t hesitate to do this mod.

Nice calculations _the_.

Should be good guidelines. :)

[quote=dchomak] Am I right that the upper limit to this mod is, in effect, direct drive? After all I believe that the cells are in parallel as are the 3 emitters. This is good as there is less danger in wildly over driving the emitter. The TR-3T6 resistor mod had 2 or 3 cells in series. If I had this light, I wouldn't hesitate to do this mod. [/quote]

Most likely yes. We can not know how far the resistor mod will work until someone tries it though. Might be limits. But as can be seen, medium and low becomes higher too. About 3,6A to each emitter is already at the stupid amount of heat for this light IMO. It will be very useful in the winter though. Not only does it function as a light, but it will be a great hand warmer too! :)

4 cells in parallel will be able to kill 3 XM-L mounted on aluminium in DD, so DD is not a good idea on stock emitters. Put in XM-L2s mounted on copper and you should be able to output the amount of current you desire, if the driver will do that. But there is really not much point in going beyond the 3,5-3,6A range IMO. Not only due to vf of XM-L2s and the less great medium and low, but mainly due to heat.