SupFire M6

i got a supfire m6 that i’ve never used since i bought it and will never be used, only on for maximum total of 2 minutes. selling for $38shipped lower 48 states.

Gotta get one to see what this light is all about. :)

PM sent.

It's a great light...If it's the one from Pulsar's Group Buy, we got a good deal on those. I really like mine.

Richard, you beat me! I would certainly take another... Maybe RIC's is the closest in quality, dunno, I just really like this design and feel, but I do prefer lights with some heft.

dang it… saw it too late, even though I already have 3 of these light… but I would buy another especially at that price :smiley:
I’ll sell all my SRK and replace them all with M6

New set

oooh thanks… :smiley:

light is sold to Mr. Richard (RMM). thanks everyone!

mine is noticeably brighter than my SRKs
and better constructed , according to others here

i would have bought it