supply some cheap ultrafire flashlight ,hope you guys like it

some guys like cheap flashlight,Gradually i will add some ultrafire flashlight on my site ,like the following one :
zoomable Q5

i will give you good price .
if you want other type of uf,and tell me the price in your mind,maybe i can meet you


LOL Simon… don’t use that phrase” tell me the price in your mind,maybe i can meet you” :slight_smile:
there will be some unreasonable demands :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know the model but I really like the big XM-L2 side clicky zoomie I have. If you could sell it for $10 I would be interested in a couple. It takes a 18650 or 3 AAA batteris. Size(mm):185 x 40(bezel)/28(body)
Net Weight (g): 240g

For size comparison

Which of the flashlights you sell do you like the best? (you personally)

Depending on focal distance of the lens and XM-L or XM-L2, it could be good, for, say…. $8.— ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be down for some nice ultrafires for cheap.

I don’t understand why people put XM-L LED in small AA flashlights and then drive them at less than 1A. What’s the point? Why not put an XP-G2 which would give a better throw and is cheaper.

You’re right.
I plan on downsizing my UniqueFire UF-T20 to XP-G2, because the XM-L it’s got projects too big a chip for my liking.
Have to zoom way out to get rid of the squareness too.
Still, to me a deal is much more attractive when it has XM-L2 not XM-L.

Perhaps if you're able to source some good quality ones (solid pill, decent anodizing, decent threads, etc.). The quality of the SK-68 clones seems to be all over the place, even for the same brand, which is why I haven't gotten one yet.

simon since you selling convoy brand flashlight why not tell the manufacture to create a zoomie convoy light?

Could you tell me a bit more about the light.
Memory? (its not next mode memory is it?)
Possibly tail cap draw?


Was this meant for me?

Oh sorry it was meant for Simon regarding OP.