Surefire 6p replacement BLF style

Well I just sold off my Surefire 6p LED the other day after becoming totally disillusioned with it after seeing the output of some of the Ultrafire 504b XML lights. I want to buy a replacement for my Surefire (ie. P60 style host) that is reliable and has similar quality. Right now the Solarforce L2 and L2P’s look great but I am open to all suggestions.

What I would like:
P60 style host (Black)
High-Low modes without memory (ie. I want this light to default to the high mode every time)
18650 compatible

The primary purpose of this light will be on a rifle that I use to pig hunt so it must be able to handle recoil.

L2p is the definite winner for that. I can't recommend a dropion though. If you find one like that make sure to tell me.

I know the horse has already left the barn, but why didn’t you just install the drop-in of your dreams into the 6P?

As for new hosts, I’m partial to any number Solarforce flavors. If I could only have one, I think I’d take the L2T.

I don’t have any real preference on drop-ins, so…

Do yourself a favor and contact E1320 (his username) and tell him what you want in a drop in. He custom makes them and he potts them so they can handle the recoil of a firearm. I KNOW that you would be happy with anything that he woulld set you up with. I am thinking of getting one (in green for hunting). They are well made and not much more than a regular one from DX or where ever. Keep us informed and let us know what you end up with.

PS I also like the solarforce—-especially the L2t.

My e1320 drop in is great but afaik he doesn't have a program that starts at high without memory.

The Surefire didn’t accept 18650s.

Oh. Sorry, Irish. I only use the cr123a, so battery compatibility is never in the front of my mind. Thanks for the clarification, as the thought process that is involved in our flashlight purchases intrigues as much as any thing else.

L2P is the best made, best value !8650 compatible P60 Host out there.

As long as you get a decent 504B from Manafont or DX and not a Dino Direct or other cheap copy with the garbage tail switch.

The new Solarforce L2M for $11.99 is an amazing deal and you than can choose to run 18650 or 16340.

I have made a bunch of weapon light drop ins. I can make you a nice 2 mode green XRE drop in for $25 but they do have memory. I am working on a 2 mode with no memory because I have been getting so many requests. The green looks crazy bright through a scope you really need to see it to believe it.

Do you have any pics of this module and what the beam looks like?
How long would it run in the L2m with a fresh primary/recharged cell.
Which would you rather use as a weapon light? The l2m, 501A or the 504b?

“The Surefire didn’t accept 18650s”.

Here is the solution to that:

The best Surefire 6P style replacement that uses 18xxx batteries is a bored Surefire 6P. No getting around it. I have every bored Surefire host/body they make. C, P, M and Z in 2, 3 and 4 cell sizes (6P/9P, C2/C3, M2/M3/M4, Z2/Z3). They make bored A19 extenders too. That allows you to run 2 18650’s in a 3 cell cr123 size light. They sometimes offer boring services for your existing Surefire as well.