surefire 6p with momentary switch

So I bought a light w/o paying attention…It has a momentary switch…
I’d like a clicky on-off type switch. The SF stuff looks pricey… I was wonder what the $8 chinese
switches were like, or conversely my options?

If you are thinking about the solarforce, they do fit the 6P style lights.
I’ve got several surefire’s with the older momentary buttons. They are fine for most things, and a quick twist locks on. But for a clicky, you might look at the McClicky upgrade from Oveready. You punch out the stock tailcap guts and screw in this. Works great.


Thanks guys!

I believe that is just the switch itself. For a replacement, you punch out the stock and screw in the McClicky. It needs the brass plate. I've seen them from EDC at Illum for $10. Ordered a couple to see how they do.