Surefire E2e LED module or ?

I was having trouble accessing this forum, and also posted on another forum. Hope that is OK.

Probably around 2003 I bought my son a Surefire E2E. I was wowed at the output, and proceeded to buy myself a couple and for my Daughter and SIL.
I never really used mine and it is like new in the box. I also bought a KL1 LED module. I guess it was for long run time, but it is very anemic.
I am wondering if there is a cheap drop in for the E2e? I don’t want to spend much, but I see P60 drop in pretty cheap. Will something like that work?

I also bought a tube that has the Surefire threads and will operate on 2 AA batteries. All these are so anemic compared to current available lights that I just don’t see any practical use for them, unless there is some cheap mod.

I am talking about less than $20.