Needing some info on type of beam of a Fury (tight or floody)? tint?
And the comparison between Fury and 320 lmn 6px of beam and tint.
Also what emitters are in these lights?

Sorry not really budget lights but since they are now available at wally world who knows………

but it’s a combi flood and throw…perhaps the rest can attest as well. :slight_smile:

its an expensive looking beam.

:smiley: LOL! Didn’t know beams can be sold. But I think I got your point. :bigsmile:

I would say that it has a nice combination of flood and throw. Nice all around beam, I have saw some for right around $100. Not bad for a Surefire with real OTF numbers.

i agree - its $100 which is a good amount to spend for a light, but its prob the only surefire i would ever consider buying since it has 500 otf lumens and its less than the arm and a leg they charge for everything else

I would never pay 100 dollars for a Fury but may try to pick up a used one. In comparison my NC COBRA puts out 850 lumens and has more than 2 modes and is fueled by an 18650 battery. And it was 40-50 dollars. That kinda makes the SF look silly. But it may be nice to play with a Fury for a while.


there is a surefire fury g3 coming out

supposed to be 800-100 lumens and run on 3x cr123 or possibly 2x 17500s

price around 175

very expensive but interesting

If you ever get hold of a used one, considering getting it bored for a 18650. I’ve tried it on 1x16340 and a dummy cell. So it works on 1x18650 and 2xCR123 but not much firm confirmation on 2x16340. Btw the LED looks like it’s an XM-L.


Olight I6?


The word just slipped out of me... Its sometimes on sale for a nice price too.

I passed on one for $70 (a little regret)
I have a 320 lumen 6px defender and it has a warm tint. I’m just wondering if the FURY has the same led?
Also I have been using a 16550 battery in my defender with no problems. (2200 mah)