Surefire M1 (Millenium 1, IR) 112$ shipped

I have an M1 in very good condition.
It has 2 scratches from fixing on a mount though. 1 visible on the picture, the other one looks the same, is just located on the other side of the light.
The light is barely used and around 1 year old, has been stored most of the time since I bought it planning to get a proper night vision later but that never happened.

112$ shipped CONUS incl. Paypal everything.

haewatein [at] or PM me!

Trades accepted. I like everything proper built with an XM-L, love 4sevens, Zebralight (HL600 wanted!) and Fenix.

Good luck with the sale, but I think you would do better if you posted this on CPF. :)

What wavelength do they have in them? I wonder if the emitter is any better than some more budget friendly options.

You may want to lower your asking price a little if you want a quicker sale since a quick google to find out more info on the model turned up a couple places selling it new for $105 shipped. Good luck with the sale though!

Well let’s make it 100 then. I just remembered I bought this originally for more so maybe the prices went down in the mean time?

I don’t know the wavelength. I’d say 920nm but that’s a personal GUESS from looking at the tone of red with naked eye (yes I’m careful with that).