Surefire tail cap disassembly Z41 switch mod.

I thought this was a good solution for a high current tail cap.–7ToMyo5_k4

Here is a link for the current batch of switches shown in the vid by DellSuperman

And of course a great bulb to use with it

Nice video on the guts of a Surefire switch. They have some unique ideas. My first thought about getting the second switch apart was to hit it with a half inch pneumatic rattle gun but that may of been a slight overkill thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have several modified SureFire 6P (18650, XM-L2, clicky) .Love the 6P.
and E1E,E2E executive defender also (modified to led)
I still use a modified 6P as duty flashlight
Great video. Thanks


VOB the link to the clicky switch isn’t working? How much are they by the way??

Thanks for letting me know. The link should be working now :slight_smile: They are about $25 bucks each. I just ordered 2 of them myself.

Thanks! Made my own Zero Rez out of copper for the Z41 for my hot rod D26 and D36 Surefire’s, a clicky sounds great!!!