surefire vs surefire vapor

I was talking about surefire and vapers got excited

but sadly we were not at the same topic

not sure if ripoff or what? Your opinions?

They are surely quality goods according to my friends. But idk about vape other than 18650 cells

HAHAHAHA they’re 2 different things LOL

and here I thought I managed to find some flashlight buddies
and they thought I was a vape guy

we were so wrong about each other

I’m a flashaholic and a vaper, I’m cool with either!

That said, I’ve never heard of Surefire Vapor before. And if you don’t mind resurrecting short-lived and defunct names, what about Uranusfire Vapor? :wink:

apparently surefire vapor famous in greek/europe area despite them being at los angeles/california

I’m not sure how my malaysian buddies knew about it but yea they spend real cash for their design.
If I’m not wrong its the king kong they’re using for their mech mods?

I’ve never heard of a King Kong mech mod, but it still could exist.

Is vaping illegal/prohibited in Malaysia? Or am I mis-remembering another nearby country? I know Thailand has severely restricted it.

Singapore has banned it totally just because they can’t place a tax on them… there’s already tax pled on ciggies

Malaysia is crawling towards that path. I hope they don’t ban them because 18650 cells are innocent

Though I see many haters as well as vapers.