Surprise, surprise! DX latest purchase

I just got myself my very first 26650 flashlight. So, I ordered a pair of these “GTL” 26650 batteries based on the “4-star” rating on DX.
(Yeah I know, there are a lot of better batteries out there, but the price (($16.99) was friendly and I’m a cheapskate anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Shipped on Jan 6th and arrived today Jan 9 :smiley:

3 days! Free shipping… That’s the fastest shipping to delivery time I’ve ever experienced. What’s more DX used a different carrier (see pics)

I’m mighty pleased with this. Could DX be upping its game? I hope so…

Is it possible that they have a yearly contract with delivery companies and are entitled to a certain amount / value of postage each year. If they do not utilities it, it might be wasted.
Just a thought.

I don't know, but I hope wallbuys will also start using that courier...

I am currently waiting for an order, sent by annoying Swiss mail, for already a month now, and tracking only shows unimportant info...

I just ordered some king Kongs, and they will ship (again )with Sweden post....

It's only my dream to receive anything in 3 days.

Why do they even have a “tracking number” I have yet to see any information at all in regards to my shipment. Its only been 2 weeks. So I guess I have another 8 or so to go. lol

The problem with swiss and sweden post, is that they don`t update their tracking until it hits that country.

Mine shows that it was there on the 18th of December, but nothing has changed since.......

HK and China post were much better (last year)

Singapore post (Singpost) is no better. So many times my packages had already been delivered to my doorstep and the Singpost webpage still shows that the package has yet to reach Singapore! :expressionless:
I emailed them twice about this and got what I call a non-answer.

What a piece of cr*p …. J)

Im glad I dont live in Singapore then

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO way affiliated with DX or any other vendor.

This is totally unexpected.

I placed an order for some camera odds and ends (approx. $20) with DX this morning at 10:32am.
At 2:01pm I was informed by email that my order has been shipped… with tracking number.
That’s about 3 and a half hours from ordering to shipping :open_mouth:
Is this for real or what? I certainly hope this isn’t a one-off thing…

It may not be the case here, but most of these online stores mark “shipped” when the label was made or the package was wrapped. The package gets to the shipping service some number of days later. I had an order with a store (not dx) marked shipped and then tracking showed the package actually arriving at the nearby sort facility about a month later.

Yeah unknown,that’s possible… that’s why I wrote, “Is this for real?” However, they did give me a tracking number. Let’s wait and see how long it takes until delivery :zipper_mouth_face:

Ordered 7 things yesterday,and unchecked the box in the order confirmation to send them separately if some is out of stock...

Probably going to be a good test about their actual stock and time before they actual ship the whole order.

Yeah… you’re right.
I ordered (what else?) a flashlight from BG and they said it was “shipped” on 9 January.
A few days later I checked with the tracking number and realised it was actually shipped out on 13 Jan instead.

Even though I unchecked the box to send them separately, they still sent in 2 orders...pity..but only about 2 days in between, not too bad.

Haven't checked if both have tracking, or only 1.