Swedish Minediver

Hi All
Swedish mine diver with light needs

I’m a member of a small mine diving team that explores both known and unknown mines.
when recording a video or taking photographs in a mine you need ridiculous amounts of light

video lights for underwater photography are not cheap so we said that we should try and make a couple
we use canisters with 18650 battery cells, outputt voltage differs depending on the use.

heat is usually never a problem since the water we dive in is around 4 degrees and all diving light are made of aluminum

looking for information about components LEDs and drivers to be able to make a 500W video light
anyone here that can help out and give me some examples of good components

And I apologize in advance for my English which may not always is the best

Thanks, Christer

Welcome, suggestion for modding : Emisar D18, 3*18650, 14000lm flashlight - LED Flashlights

I was thinking about something like this, many lamp vendors have lamps that look like this

specs on this one are

CRI 80
Beam 140-120°
55000Lumen @ 500W with 1m distance.

48V 10,4Ah

500W - 45min
300W - 1,5h
100W - 4,5h

Double discharge protectors at both
battery and
LED driver.

Light head 1,2kg,
Neutral in water.

And some like this DIVEPRO G18Plus-2022 Powerful 18000Lumens Dive Light Underwater Photo Video Light – DIVEPRO

What is wrong with this light? : https://www.amazon.com/Diving-Flashlight-Underwater-Submersible-Outdoor/dp/B07G15QZNQ

:slight_smile: we have a couple of G18

we have tested many of that kind, no good! ist like candlelight in comparison to a real 500w videoligtht
A 500W light that are good costs around 2600$

a LED is fairly easy to find but I have not managed to find a driver for it

I ques a few powerful mosfet direct driver will do the trick. Very cheap solution.

PM this guy, he modded a GT with a COB LED @ 37v once and you may be able to get 2 or more of these in a home made light CHEAP.

His build and parts


So simple. 3 channels on attiny85 can support 3 powerful Mosfets connected to 3 rows of lets say XHP70.2 hi cri. A little bit code tuning and you can have Anduril in underwater cave :smiley: No mode stabilization , but who cares.