Sweet Convoy Light at FT


This one slipped by me , I like it a lot !

Seems like a not interesting flashlight. Glad you like it, though.

It interests me. I posted a head up on it in the Convoy S4 thread earlier. Of course this comes out after I get the Xiaozhi and mount a clip!


OOps didn't see it!

It looks nice, but those cut-out sections around the reflector bother me. It just seems to me that they’re just waiting to fill up with lint and crud. And water….hmmmm?

I almost posted a new thread, but decided to search first and see if there was an appropriate thread already started. (About 1/2 time I search and 1/2 time I don't.) There's always a toss up because you don't know if people will see it announced in a different thread.


I think that that this particular build, with the unusual head cut-outs, deserves its own thread.

there’s been a few threads now as this was first seen as the d11 host on cnqg.

I’m still liking this one though

I would be in but I have already have a gray L2N host and one of those new SWM cr123 lights in the mail . I need to find a good NW drop in for that host.

i bet that light doesn’t have heat issue :wink: