Switch recommendation for a DIY Battery-powered Table Lamp

With all the knowledge I have gained from this forum, I want to try and make an old-school, but nice-looking LED table lamp that runs on 18650’s for emergency use. I’m going to make a square, hollow wooden base to hold the batteries and driver, topped with a large heat sink and lamp shade. I’ve decided to go with 8x18650’s in parallel powering a 7135x5 driver with guppydrv for 4 modes, and one 3000K Nichia. My question is the switch. I was hoping to find a good-looking switch like this one that I can install in the wooden base.

Amazon Switch Link

I just don’t think it will work. Once it’s latched (turned on), I don’t think I can “click” through the modes. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Or any suggestions on a nice cover or surface mount ideas using a Omten clicky?

Maybe something like this:


If your driver is meant for a reverse clicky, you can wire the NC (“normally closed”) contacts in series with your latching on-off switch.

Click the light on with the latching switch, change modes with brief presses of the momentary switch, click off with the latching switch.

Alternatively, you could buy a Convoy S2+ host and set the tailcap into your light base. Then you have a replaceable reverse clicky Omten 1288 switch to work with, just like a flashlight. Depending on the host colour you choose, the tailcap will have a rubber switch boot or a metal push plate, so you can pick your preferred look.

Two switches, what a great idea. I’ll start searching for matching momentary and latching switches.
As for the Convoy switch, I understand about using the entire base, but if I get just the metal switch like in the link below, does that come with the clicky switch, or is it just the metal cover?
Thanks for your suggestions, they are great.

Glad to help :slight_smile:

I think your Fasttech link is just for the switch covers and you’d need to provide your own Omten 1288 switches (they’re cheap) if you went that route, but you’d really need to check with Fasttech to be sure.

Sample link for Omten 1288 switches (not necessarily the cheapest source):