SZFEIC New Year Giveaway - Light Up Your 2024 with SL35 Headlamps! - Winners announced!

Somehow I get the feeling that this GAW will never happen…

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Yeah, looks like “getting fame cheap”.

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Never say never, 2042 is just around the corner! Though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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Ditto, if it’s anything like the one from last year. Seemed to fizzle out and wasn’t honored afaik.

I guess count me in on this one.

Never give up!

Thanks for the GAW.
My outdoor activities for 2024 are cycling, hiking, camping, mowing the lawn -not!

I’m in !
This headlamp seems interesting…

What a nice surprise @szfeic ! And special thanks for remembering this GAW after all this time. I look forward to trying this headlamp. PM sent.

Congratulations to @mitsuki08 & @phouton . Thank you szfeic!

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The original photo looked a lot like a Fenix HM65R. Now this you received looks like. Wurkkos HD50 or Sofirn HS20 with 18650 or Fenix HM65R-T. I think maybe Sofirn had a hand in this one?

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Is it heavy?
How does it feel when you’re wearing it?

It’s 196.5g. You will definitely feel that it’s there. I usually use a D10 headlamp that’s around 130g. Not that much difference but the way it sits on the mount when tilted downwards makes it a lot more top heavy which leads to the bottom part of the plastic dig a bit into my forehead. YMMV.

The SZFEIC SL35 arrived!

In short, my favorite aspect is the very nice beam profiles, for both spot and flood, while the biggest disappointment is the low CRI emitters.

The biggest surprise is that it may have a regulated output? EDIT: Actual light output appears to decrease with battery voltage. Clarification would be appreciated.

Details and pics follow:


The packaging and box feel a bit upscale. It comes with a manual in 6 languages and a warranty card, which seems to be attempting to create a credible and premium brand experience.

The flashlight build quality looks and feels good.


The threads come well-lubricated.


The manual includes a runtime chart indicating constant output. I’m surprised this isn’t displayed and advertised more prominently. EDIT: In actual testing, the light output does not seem to follow the chart, and instead decreases gradually over time.


While generally not a Cree emitter fan, I am pleasantly surprised by the beam quality. The typical Cree “fried egg” is present but handled well and not noticeable to me in actual use.

The spot and flood beam profiles each appear well-done for their respective purposes.


It may be an illusion, but the floodlight seems slightly warmer than the spotlight to my eyes. The pebbled TIR does a great job smoothing the beam leaving no obvious hotspot. I just wish the CRI were better.


The 6000K CCT is not my preference, but it really isn’t as bad as I feared. The low CRI is what is really holding this headlamp back, in my view.

The buttons are a bit difficult to press, but at least unintentional activation will be unlikely. It is surprisingly useful to have separate control of spot and flood. I can see both modes independently being useful to me on this light.

Good brightness spacing for both. No moonlight.

There is mode memory, but it would have been nice to have ability to start on low from off. After removing and reinstalling the battery, or unscrewing the tailcap, it defaults to turning on with Turbo/High and I see no way around it.


There are four bars between the buttons that light up blue as battery power indicators. They behave strangely, because after brief usage on a fully charged battery, they drop down to 2 bars. If the battery is reinserted, it will be 4 bars again, until used briefly.

A small issue: within a few seconds of selecting the low mode of the spotlight, there are consistently 1-3 flickers and very slight brightness stepdowns. Not a significant problem, but nonetheless noticeable and annoying to me.


The battery is thankfully not proprietary: it is a protected 18650, measuring 68mm in length, plus the button. The headlamp can also work with a 65mm long unprotected 18650, as well as two CR123A batteries.

The headband material is good, and part of it has a line of rubbery non-slip material inside. The top strap helps avoid sag, as the headlamp is a bit heavy. The plastic holder could become uncomfortable over long periods of time, but it also doubles as a stand/base for pointing the light at various angles.

The weight of this headlamp is a bit heavier than I would like, and I can feel the strain in my neck, especially when it is tilted down for close work. It’s not too bad when my head is upright, but I do notice it when moving or tilting my head.

Needless to say, this headlamp is very bright. When both emitters are on Turbo/High, it gets scorching hot. A few minutes into testing the max output, I got a small fright when there was a “pop” sound; somehow, the rubber USB port cover actually popped out!

Overall, I really like the beam profiles and the build quality. I can see myself using both the spotlight mode and the floodlight mode in actual tasks, both indoors and outdoors.

If I could change one thing, it would be to have high CRI emitters. The weight will also take some getting used to. Hopefully future revisions can bring some improvements.

Interestingly, both the headlamp and the battery look very similar to Fenix products. Oddly, SZFEIC products are not easy to find for sale for end consumers. It would be good to know the official sales channels.

Thanks again to @szfeic for following through on the giveaway!