Tactical LED build

Hello all!!!

I'm new to the whole DIY flashlight world.. I've been a flashlight addict my whole life. Always needing the brightest and best light available. I'm also a DIY addict. So, now combining the two.... Awesome!!

Anyway. I'm building a tactical AR15 platform, and I need a good light to mount on the rail...

I hope that it's not aggravating for me to post such a simplistic question.

I was hoping that I might get some opinions on the best combo of housing, reflector, emitter, and driver from some of you experienced builders. My only real requirement is that it has an easily accessible strobe setting. https://illuminationsupply.com/8xamc7135-28a-selectable-mode-driver-p-45.html this driver caught my attention. Opinions?

Also, if you know of any good threads to educate me on the basics of gathering parts and building it would be much appreciated if you could post them!!

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give to this idiot!