Tailcap reading: show me the DMM setting

I want to take a tailcap reading, but have no idea. I need to know what setting to set the DMM on.

I want to take a reading on a light with one 18650. If someone could set theirs, and take a picture so I could see the settings it would help a lot.

I'll probably take the light to work and borrow one from maintenance.

Don't laugh. This is what I have now. $7. I know it's probably useless, but what setting would I set it at if it were real.

I have a analog meter like that. 250mA max current!!

I don’t even use it to test my cells. :stuck_out_tongue:
I watched your video, but I couldn’t see the settings for measuring tailcap readings.

Oh, I put the settings and other info in the video annotations.

Your DMM doesn't seem to have a setting for DC currents above 200 mA... If you do a tailcap reading with that thing, you would blow the fuse of the DMM, or perhaps melt it if it doesn't have a fuse...

Sorry Chloe. I’ll have to watch it again. My cat started biting my toes when I was trying to watch it the first time.

Ahaha cat attack!!