Taking apart your LED flashlight

First post here & I have a question & suggestion.
I have owned a 2 x 1865 powered FL for a couple of years & throughout it has performed unpredictably.
No point mentioning the brand because the label is obviously wrong & relates to a totally different FL.
So mine was low cost From Dealextreme, it features 3 Cree emitters & claims a max of 3800lm.
Problems have typically been failing to switch on when battery voltage drops to about 3.6V ( I have a DMM) & overheating in typically less than 5 minutes.
I would like to repair this FL but taking it apart (so far as I can) allows me no access to any electronic components.
The emitters & body are sound but everything else is at this stage suspect.
Now I realize that I may not have said enough to ID this particular FL which I would guess is a clone of other similar configurations.
Which leads me to the suggestion: why not write a sticky to show (particularly newcomers) how to safely (no product damage) dismantle the typical LED FL. If you can’t dismantle sufficiently you certainly can’t do repairs or even simple mods. So does such a sticky exist?
And would it help if I posted a few pics of my FL?

Post some pics and we’ll have that baby apart in minutes.

Yes...pics would definitely be helpful

Flashlights vary enough that no one description could cover the details of multiple lights. We need details.

3800lm claim, 2 batteries, 3x XMLs, and differently branded labels - sounds like a regular knockoff Trustfire TR-3T6.

Please do provide details, especially the batteries you’re using. Link to the sku will also be quite sufficient if you have nothing else.