talk to me about XT-E emitters.

Was placing an order with fastech for some led’s and driver’s and ran across these. Went ahead and ordered an XT-E along with an XP-E HEW just because they are so cheap. After ordering searched BLF but couldn’t find any new info. These don’t seem very popular for modding. Why? Is it just an old emitter? Probably going in a cheap $4.80 fasttech superlights so it’s no big deal if they aren’t that great just wanted to change it up.

The X in the beam create a truly double tint.

Photo from a user.

I used XT-E with some Carclo optics but only those that have a wide beam make it acceptable, using the 10507 looks bad just like in the image.

I put one in a light using a couple of different optic variations and always got the phosphor-yellow spot right in the center of the beam. Kind of distracting indoors, so I ended up replacing it with a different emitter.