* Tallboy's 1,000 Post - Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!! * WINNER Announced!

And the winner is…Keltex78!!!

Hi, full disclosure, I’m digging around here trying to find something to give away because well, that’s what you do here on BLF when that magical 1,000th post rolls around. Actually by the time this is over I’ll be well over that mark but hey, I’m a serial procrastinator!

So this post will be edited a few times most likely but one thing that won’t change is…I will be giving away super-sweet ‘things’. Do you like free stuff? If so, post here for a chance at winning sump’m fer nut’n!!

The Rules: U.S. only (I’m sorry “rest of the world.”) Your post number is your number. If you post twice we’ll have the bailiff whack your peepee. Cutoff is @ 11:59pm Dec.25th. The winner will be announced here and PMed.

UPDATE: This is a combo package type thing…Choose any 3 of the below, here’s what I’ve got so far…

*Excel XL830L Multi-meter…not the greatest in the world, not gonna claim it’s accurate BUT it comes with thick leads (fashioned from a speaker cable) for slightly less inaccurate current readings!

*MXDL 2xAAA 3W Penlight w/clip.

*~40mm diffuser from FT.

*40mm diffuser from Nitcore, fits EA4 and many more!

*1AA 3W pocket flashlight from FT…cost $1.78 new.

*Nite-Ize Stretch Holster

*Utilitech 3xAAA flashlight host from Lowe’s…trust me, only good as a host.

*1 set of Takamine acoustic guitar strings, light gauge. (great for restringing your cheese slicer)

*Nanjg 2.8A 105C driver, 2 groups, 3/5 mode…like the ones that come in Convoys from FT.

Still looking around… :slight_smile:

OH, and a cheap lanyard…you get that whether you want it or not.

Boy…you sure know how to sell it…in…very reluctantly. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a chance.

I’m in and will Re-Gift it if it’s real bad, I mean real bad :slight_smile:

I’m in, thanks tallboybass.

Congrats on 1000 & happy holidays!

Congrats on reaching 1K! Here's to your next 1K.

EDIT: Can we see a picture of this bailiff? If she is sexy enough, maybe I just might double . . . Oh, who am I kidding, my wife is armed and dangerous.

Undersell yourself I’ve seen some of your torches ,they seem pretty nice!

Congratulations on the upcoming 1000th post!

I am in. Thinking about a double post just to experience that! Lmao :santa:

Merry Xmas !!

Umm. . . Count me in . . . I guess? Congrats on 1k!


Christmas day?
oh goodie

Congratulations and merry Christmas.In europe,no offence taken.

Count me in. Exactly once. Uno. Solitary entry post.

Please don't cutoff my peepee.

Ok, I’m curious. Count me in.

They say, aways, we are running parallel 1000 gifting Posts — choas theory and all considered, maybe we will end up gifting each other … J) :santa: Well, doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a newbee, old drone … :expressionless: now you is just a youngin’ Good Luck, Happy Posting, Merry Christmas … You are just startin’ and all I do is walk around … Fartin’ :smiley:

Hmmm I’m in! Wonder what it could be.

Congratulations Tallboy!
I’m not in the USA so this is not an entrypost, but it’s still nice to see all these people sharing their flashlights!

Congratz to the winner of this giveaway

Ha ha tallboybass, can’t say no to that! Thanks fir the chance…I think :bigsmile: ha.

I’m in! Congrats !