* Tallboy's 1,000 Post - Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!! * WINNER Announced!

Thanks and Congrats TBB! I like sump’m fer nut’n so I’m in.

In and no double post for me!

I’d love the chance to win a thing, count me in!

I’ll take a chance at this lottery! :bigsmile:

In for the peepee whacking

im in thanks!!!

Congrats for talkin too much, keep that danged bailiff away from me or I’ll have Dim shoot him!

Also in, thanks!

if i win could use some lint if you have any extra

Since I'm geographically handicapped I'm not in but congrats on your 1000th post anyway.

I like the "choose yer own stuff" concept!

I’m in!

Sure I’ll be in.


I’m in thanks

I’m in
Merry Christmas

Thanks for the giveaway, tallboybass! 8)

I'm in.

OK, entries for the giveaway are closed. Stay tuned… :slight_smile:

EDIT: random.org chose the number 36, which is Keltex78…YaY!!!

He has been notified by PM.

Big round of applause and thank you BLF for being the coolest spot on the infrawebz!!!





I’m in like Flint

Flint was in a little further.

Congrats Keltex78! Thanks Tallboybass.

Yes, congrats Keltex78! :slight_smile:

…and sorry RIX TUX, it’s over. :frowning:

Congrats Keltex and thank you TBB