* Tallboy's 1,000 Post - Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!! * WINNER Announced!

if i win could use some lint if you have any extra

Since I'm geographically handicapped I'm not in but congrats on your 1000th post anyway.

I like the "choose yer own stuff" concept!

I’m in!

Sure I’ll be in.


I’m in thanks

I’m in
Merry Christmas

Thanks for the giveaway, tallboybass! 8)

I'm in.

OK, entries for the giveaway are closed. Stay tuned… :slight_smile:

EDIT: random.org chose the number 36, which is Keltex78…YaY!!!

He has been notified by PM.

Big round of applause and thank you BLF for being the coolest spot on the infrawebz!!!





I’m in like Flint

Flint was in a little further.

Congrats Keltex78! Thanks Tallboybass.

Yes, congrats Keltex78! :slight_smile:

…and sorry RIX TUX, it’s over. :frowning:

Congrats Keltex and thank you TBB

Congrats Keltex!

Congrats Keltex! Thanks for the giveaway Tallboybass!

Go keltex!

Congrats keltex! Thanks tallboybass for the chance!

Congratulations, Keltex78!

Just for the record, Keltex78 chose the first three items…Congrats! I’ll ship them out on Monday.

Thanks to everyone who participated…as I always say, this is the one of the greatest online communities I have ever seen…rock on, BLF!! :party:

....And! Received the package this morning! Actually, it arrived yesterday, but the post office was closed so I couldn't pick it up. Received the voltmeter (http://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10002419/1177700-excel-830l-digital-multimeter), 2x AAA light, FT diffuser, and as a bonus, TBB threw in the single-AA FT light at no extra charge! The multimeter appears to be a nice little unit, much nicer than the one I have been using to date. It has a 10A high-current mode, and the big bonus features, a backlit LCD display and an audible continuity alert!

The 2x-AAA penlight is my big interest light at them moment. It's like this unit from FastTech:


...which has a pretty basic generic-style LED, but has an easily-removeable "pill" (so called for lack of a better descriptor, it's just a piece of plastic which holds the so-called "driver" and 5mm-style emitter) and reflector. The barrel on the light has a 11mm ID, making me curious if I could shave 1mm (only .5mm around the circumference) from a 12mm emitter base and really Old-Lumens this light up. I already have a second suitable small-diameter driver I purchased as a pair to repair my TK-703 so driving the light won't be a problem. If I can get the star to fit, a trip to the plumbing section at Lowe's and a spare XM-L2 (or XP-G2, or anything else for that matter) emitter should be all I need to get this light kicking! (Dreaming...)

Ah…glad to hear it got there ok, hope you enjoy the schwag! :slight_smile: