tank 007 tk566 driver replacement

I have a tank 007 tk 566 that the driver died on so I ripped out the driver and soldered it up for direct drive. Unfortunately, this means it’s a little toasty and does not last long on a 14500. Does anyone know where I could buy a replacement driver, I looked on DX but they were all too big, to be able to fit it looks as if it need to have a diameter of 14.5 mm or smaller.

Any help would be great

There are a few choices in Oshpark projects and Richard at Mtnelectronics stocks some.

Cheers Rufusbduck I’ll scout them out.


Not sure but I think the E09 driver is about 13.5 mm. If you could measure the old driver or driver pocket I’m sure we could point you towards an option or two. Most of the BLF Oshpark drivers are based around the components originally found on Nanjg linear drivers that featured the Attiny 13A mcu so that it would be relatively easy to obtain the components for a single board which would be already programmed. All you would then need is the correct size Oshpark board for your application. All of these are set up for single cell liion use(or multiple cells with a Zener mod) rather than for single primary alkalines or single rechargeable nimhs. In less than a year driver options have ballooned but it’s mostly centered around that one easily understood driver.

If you are looking for a single cell(1.5V) driver then you will need something else but the UI options will be severely limited.

How did you open it up?

“Ripped out the driver” sounds like how my wisdom teeth came out.

I’m not worried about 1.5v use i only use it with 14500 these days, i tried using it with alkaline and eneloops ages ago, but i just use 14500 these days. To open it up you just screw it out, then the back of the compartment is just a friction slip on type thing. hopefully you can see from the picture. It’s been a while since i took it apart but the bit with the massive solder bump on it sits in a little 15 mm machined bit, the inside of the pocket is 14.1 mm.

just realized i have no idea how to post pics, so they are here


Edit: The old driver sits in the 15 mm bit, now i remember i sanded off all the components on the other side to make it direct drive.

After hunting around and not really finding anything cheap enough, I was morosely burying this one in my flashlight parts bin…. when I came upon a Sipik zoomie with a mostly burned out led, excitedly i puled it apart and found to my delight a perfectly working one mode driver which was the right size, i’m getting 6 times the run time with 14500 and can use AAs if i unexpectedly run out on a job… yay thanks for the help Rufusbduck, thinking ill go search ebay for a new sk68… I’m starting to miss it.

I think I’m most helpful when I say the least. :zipper_mouth_face: