TANK007 CREE Q5 5-Mode Flashlight

I noticed this flashlight at KD, because it looks very well made. Unfortunately, the price is not really in the budget lights range.

The same flashlight were available at DX for more affordable price, but it's sold out.

I'm wondering who is the real manufacturer, because on the TANK007 page there is no information about that model.




The one at KD seems high. Even if it really has HA III, it is just a direct driven 1-mode light. I don't understand what would drive the price that high. At that price you could get a Solarforce light.

I'd like to know what the relationships are between all these different Chinese companies and how many lights a company like Tank or Ultrafire sell in a year.

They probably sell thousands or even more......I guess the reason why the one at KD is so much is because of the Tank Logo on the side of the light. More like one's paying for the name like NiteCore and Surefire. Its a nice light though.

If it is really good quality, the first price isn't that bad compared to some. For me just now I have enough P60 lights and R2 dropins. Personally, I'm not a fan of aggressively crenellated bezels and protruding tail switches, but that's just me. KD say direct drive and 5 modes - those can't both be correct.

I was also thinking the same thing.....5 modes and direct drive....must be direct drive on high only and regulated when the output is dropped.